This Legend Whipped Out And Lit A Joint In The Middle Of Being Charged For Marijuana Possession

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In one of the funniest “fuck you” gestures ever, Spencer Boston whipped out and lit a joint in the middle of his court hearing where he was being charged for marijuana possession.

He wasn’t just being an idiot either – this man had a purpose. Spencer reckons weed should be legalised in Tennessee, in the US, and was proving a point about weed being more harmless than people admit. As he stood before the judge and gave a speech about his views, he literally pulled out a joint from his pocket and lit it.

He puffed his joint a couple of times before security actually realised what he was doing and grabbed him, but the man had got his message out. He was heard shouting “We the people deserve better!” according to CNN, while he was being removed by security, and the court actually laughed.

He’s now serving ten days jail time, and then will be eligible for a $3000 (US) bond. Which, by the way, now has it’s own GoFundMe called Free Spencer Boston, and they’ve already raised $4000.

Here’s the thing though – while this is funny and pretty cool of him, it’s also a reminder of white privilege in America.

I mean, black men have gotten years, and sometimes decades, for marijuana possession – often without even being proven to have some, and with many claims that racist cops had planted weed on them to get them arrested.  Then there’s this guy, who literally smokes a joint in the middle of his court hearing, and he still only gets a ten day sentence, as well as some giggles from the court..

But that being said, we still stan – we love some civil disobedience. Be free, joint man.

Image Sources: Twitter


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