This Pep Talk From Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Has Me Emotional

*sniff* I WILL sit on Ryan Gosling’s face, Jane!!

Netflix have released a 57 second clip of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin bestowing us with some positive affirmations and it’s absolutely the mood that you’re going to need for this Tuesday morning.

The video is edited in a dream sequence type of way, with Jane and Lily’s voices echoing and fading over each other, while mystical music plays in the background. It makes me feel like if I ever did mushrooms, this is maybe what my hallucinations would look like. Not complaining.

If you haven’t already given your heart to the internet’s collective hippie/business grandma duo, get on board!

These women are absolute ANGELS and I shan’t let anyone forget it.

It also has Jane telling the camera that if anyone’s going to sit on Ryan Gosling’s face, it’s going to be you, chucking in a reference from the very first episode of Grace and Frankie. But honestly Jane, no one deserves that seat more than you two.

In less than a minute I’m convinced that Jane and Lily should team up and make a mindfulness podcast for people to listen to. Jane’s probably a little busy right now, but a girl can have dreams.

This is the more hippie-dippy take on a words of encouragement video they’ve done before, so we’ve got one for when we need to be at peace with ourselves and our power, and other for when we need to mess shit up.


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Who’s ready to crush the rest of the week after this pep talk? πŸ‘Š

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