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This Pic Comparing The Price Of Cigarettes And Food Is Something You Need To See ASAP (Thx To Nana Judy)

Nana Judy, the REAL marketing queen and genius.

A genius Aussie Gran who uploaded a simple photo comparing the monetary value of ciggies to common household foods has caused a social buzz over Facebook, and so be it.

Nana Judy decided to perform a social experiment herself after a trip to the local supermarket with one of her grandkids after seeing the price customers were willing to pay for a pack of cigarettes.

Cigarettes @ 56.95 pkt 40
Grocery’s @ 56.85 ( included breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks… must say I hope this exercise has made them aware of life’s choices …

This definitely puts things into perspective, and it’s fair to say we can all learn a valuable lesson from this and the life choices we may make. Nana Judy, once again imma say it, you’re a legend.

What a simple, yet brilliant visual. Someone please hire (*cough cough* the government) Nana Judy for their marketing needs, because she just pulled this one out of the hat, and in turn, she didn’t make me feel queasy and uneasy.


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