This Pop Up Ice Rink In The Middle Of Sydney Is Your Next Date Night Sorted

Between ice skating date nights and a 90s dance party, we’ve got you covered for the cold months

Sydney’s winter this year is really heating up with the number of frosty themed events going on. And this central city pop up ice rink is just turning up the heat.

From June 28th – July 21st, SkatingAt Festivals Aus is bringing their pop up ice rink to St Mary’s Cathedral. Between the ice rink, the ice slide, and themed evenings each week, all your winter fun needs are covered.

Tuesday nights are your one stop shop for all things winter romance. The Skate and Date nights offer the opportunity for the ultimate romcom romance. Skate under the stars, hand in hand with your new lover, while classic romance tunes set the mood.


And if you’re looking for a party on a Thursday night, they’ve got you covered too. Ice Ice Baby has you set up for an 90s and 00s dance party that Ice Cube himself would be happy to be seen at. R&B classics will have you turning the ice rink into the dance floor. And if you happen to fall over, you’ll just be able to play it off like you were droppin’ it low.


And don’t worry about food and drink. Between the Alpine Bar and The Winter Market, you’re spoiled for choice. With classic winter warmer feeds, you’ll be feeling toasty from the inside out in no time. And over at the bar, you can favour some classic cocktails as you warm up from a stint out on the ice. Oh, and by the way, there’s $10 Espresso Martini’s on offer, so tbh worth it for that anyway.

Tickets are $27 online for adults. You can head here for tickets, and here for more information.

Hop on it Sydney. Might as well take advantage of this godforsaken cold.

Image Source: SkatingAt Festival Aus, GIPHY

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