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This Sydney Bar Is Hosting Boozy Mexican Bingo Every Month So Let The Margs Flow

Loteria Night at El Camino is the most fun you’ll have at bingo gaurenteed.

El Camino is hosting Loteria Night once a month, offering you the booziest bingo night around. I know when you hear “bingo” the word party doesn’t usually come to mind, but this is def not your average bingo night. It’s major fun with the chance to earn prizes larger than the size of El Camino’s margaritas. So ready yourself for a night of delish Tex-Mex food and drinks the size of your head. And of course, don’t forget to bring your A-game.

At Loteria Night each player gets a bingo sheet filled with Mexican-inspired symbols with Spanish labels. The host randomly picks cards from a sombrero, reading them out before the room en Español. On top of the slight language barrier, each game has different requirements for what’s considered a “bingo.” So the competition is as scorching as the fajitas.

The best part, aside from the majorly delish Tex-Mex food, is the major prizes you can take home. Last months prizes consisted of El Camino vouchers up to $500, a super pricey bottle of Jose Cuervo, and limited-edition El Camino t-shirts. And don’t worry if you get off to a bad start – there’s multiple rounds, so there’s a lot of room to win!

El Camino has some of the best specials around, so just imagine having $500 to spend there. With happy hour every weekday, half-off fajitas, 10 cent wing specials and $2 tacos (depending on your local El Camino and what day/time it is), I imagine having a massive gift voucher there would leave you cruisy for a while.

On top of that, El Camino is sussing out good vibes all the time with it’s fiesta meets rock n’ roll environment. There’s even large sombreros available for everyone to wear, which def add a fun element to the mix. There’s nothing like drinking a massive margarita in an even larger sombrero, I promise.

El Camino is offering Loteria Night the last Thursday of each month in The Rocks and Manly in Sydney, kicking off around 6 pm.

You’ll have to make a reservation to attend Loteria Night. So, plan ahead who you think you’d like to invite. Before picking, think about who would be willing to share heaps of Tex-Mex food with you if they win. And definitely think about who you’d want to finish a bottle of tequila with!

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