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This Young Actress Sneaking A Sandwich Into The Oscars Is An Entire Mood

Girl has her priorities straight.

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Oscars, you forget that these superstars have the same human needs that we do. They find heels torturous, just like us. They’ve probably got a tag itching in a really weird place, just like we do. They get thirsty, just like us. And they get hungry, just like us.

And, just like us, they might not like what food is on offer at an event. Sometimes an arancini ball just won’t cut it (shocking, but true). Especially during an event that takes hours and hours to get through, fancy hors d’oeuvres won’t fill you – no matter how many you munch on.

Insert Julia Butters and her Oscars-ready turkey sandwich.

What a mood.

The young Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actress wins the Oscar for Best Performance On A Red Carpet And Preparing Properly For An Awards show, for stashing a fully-loaded turkey sandwich in her chic and tiny clutch.

After strutting her stuff down the red carpet in a puffy bubblegum pink number (super gorg), Butters revealed the true genius of her outfit by revealing her secret, delicious stash.

And her reason for the meal?

I don’t like some of the food here.

Look, honestly, I feel that.

And you can’t blame the 10 year old starlet, especially after getting a sneak-peak at this year’s menu. I’m not saying it’s disgusting – it actually sounds quite delicious. But I don’t think apple and vegetable spring rolls, homemade tofu, or smoked salmon Oscar statues, are very kid-friendly. Even for a young actress who probably eats better than most 20 year olds (me included)

Bringing a turkey sandwich was such a baller move. It is so genius that I won’t be surprised if they don’t actually give her an Oscar for it.

Image Sources: Twitter (Teen Vogue, Amy Kaufman)

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