Thoughts We’ve All Had In The First Month Of A Relationship

Ahhhh, the well-known honeymoon stage of a new relationship. You don’t yet know their gross habits, nor do they know yours, and everything is looking pretty damn sweet. It’s a bittersweet stage of overthinking and being showered with love. You haven’t quite ‘fessed up and said the “L” word yet, but you’re in a good stage with your new S.O.

Am I Making The Right Decision?

If you’re anything like me, the only thing you’re sure about is that you’re indecisive asf. You can’t even decide which restaurant to go to, and you have serious FOMO. Sure, getting into a relationship is great, but are you making the right decision? Is your new S.O right for you? Are you better off staying single? Are you just overthinking everything?

Am I Being Too Forward Too Soon?

Getting into a new relationship is filled with uncertainty, you don’t know what the other person likes, how they take sarcastic jokes, or what foods they like. You start to question if you’re being too forward in your actions. Sure, your ex might’ve liked it, but does this new hot flame like it? Is it safe to assume anything? Am I thinking too far ahead? Are we even on the same page?

Will They Ask Me To Meet The Parents Soon?

The ultimate decider of the seriousness of the relationship. If you do get asked to meet the parents, you know you’re here for a long time, if not you’re here for a good time. If you do go to meet the parents, what will you wear? How will you speak? What gift should you take? SO many questions?! (We’ve got your back, don’t worry.)

We’d Have Some Pretty Good Looking Babes. Just Saying

You’ve done the online photo-merging thing, it produced some pretty mortifying results. But you don’t doubt that you’ve both got some pretty strong genetics behind you, and you’re going to have some pretty cute looking babies. Not to mention, you’ve probably got a (mental or physical) list of potential names. (Nope? Just me?)

Am I Being Too Clingy?

The honeymoon stage of any relationship means you’ll most likely be a whipped love-struck puppy. You’ll spend nights in binge watching and probably binge eating. It’s easy to start questioning if you’re being too clingy wanting to spend every breathing moment with your new S.O. But you shouldn’t compromise the important things in life.

What Are We?

Look, if you’ve gotta ask yourself this question, you should probably get that sorted ASAP. Are we exclusive? Officially dating? Are we just seeing each other? Who bloody knows, dating these days is confusing asf, but you should probably set some mutual grounds and agreements.

Who Texts First?

Should I text them first? I don’t want to seem too eager and keen. Maybe they’ll text me, but what if they never do? I don’t want to come across as annoying but I also don’t want to seem like I’m not interested. SO many unspoken rules. Maybe I’ll just stay single.

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