Thoughts We’ve All Had When Bumping Into An Ex

You’ve decided to go and treat yourself with a nice, relaxing outing after work. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and your mood mellows out, life truly is bliss. Until suddenly an all too familiar face is recognised. Yep, your ex has just walked in and no, of course you weren’t mentally ready to deal with their antics. No matter who you are, there comes a time in everyone’s life where luck and good fortune just don’t exist. Here are some of the thoughts we’ve all definitely had when bumping into an ex.

“What did I do to deserve this level of karma?”

You rack your brain, trying to unravel the reasons why karma has smacked you upside of the head but your mind draws a blank. Seriously, you live in a massive city and they decide to rock up to your destination, of all the places? Of course they did.

“I wonder if they’re dating anyone?”

Are they meeting someone here? They’re looking pretty well. Maybe they’re just faking it though. After all, you’re pretty amazing so it would only be natural that they’re in a rut and trying to get back out there. But seriously, who are they here with? Are they by themselves? Are they better looking than me? In the whirlwind of thoughts, you realise that someone else is walking over to greet you and yep, you’re mad that they have a date. How dare they move on from your splendour.

“Don’t look at them, don’t loo- okay, you’ve just make eye contact.. Why are you like this?”

Why the hell wouldn’t you look them right in the eye? You’ve really done it now, sucker. This awkward double take will get even more cringe-worthy if none of you move to say some sort of half-hearted hello. You’ve made your bed, time to lie in it.

“Their face is making me angry.”

You used to love their cute face and the way their nose scrunched up when they laughed. Not anymore though. Their face is stupid now.

“We’ve seen each other naked, and yet this is one of the most awkward encounters ever.”

It’s been 3 minutes, and one third of those were filled with head scratches and a new-found admiration for your choice of footwear.

“This small talk is excruciating.. I’d take more enjoyment in staring at bland wall.”

The days of free-flowing conversations are a thing of the past, now replaced with, “so like, how ya been?” and “aw, yeah.. I’ve been pretty good hey, super busy.” Eventually you just end up making your excuses, and leave the conversation to fizzle out.

“What if this is fate telling us that we should get back together?”

Hah, it’s not. Sorry, that was abrupt. Let me try and rephrase that in a softer manner.. it’s not (I tried.) Often our minds run rampant with all the little ‘what if’s’ when we have the displeasure of bumping into an ex. Do you know what you should do with these thoughts? Compile them into a nice, neat pile, then light them on fire. This isn’t some type of Disney dystopia we live in.

Image source: 20th Century Fox Television and Bright/ Kauffman/ Crane Productions

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