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Thousands Of Disney+ Accounts Have Been Hacked, And Yours Could 100% Be One

Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, and your account is now HaCkEd (maybe, hopefully not).

All you Disney Plus subscribers BEWARE of the hackers!

Disney+ it’s everything and anything people have been talking about for the past week, and while I’m too poor to now afford Disney + and my Netflix, Spotify & Stans, and just life in general, the company was genius enough to launch a new streaming service dedicated to everything Disney.

AKA the platform our childlike souls always dreamed about.

The service includes all our favourite OGs, from the old school Disney TV shows & movies, to all the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, as well as our Pixar favourites and new Disney live-remakes.

The launch was quite successful, to say the least with more than ten million customers in the first 24 hours, but, hold up, it wasn’t all happily ever after…

Within hours of the official launch the service was outnumbered by hackers who managed, to not only lockout several users from their accounts, but change login credentials as well as selling these “new accounts” for as little as $4 on the dark web.

(NGL I wish Disney+ was that cheap though oooft).

Just like Netflix, Disney+ allows users to share their passwords across different devices and locations. But the problem may lie in the fact that Disney+ does not have multi-factor authentication, meaning no extra security questions, or unique mobile/email codes. Honestly, I’m surprised that this was never an option in the first place, no wonder the hackers have taken over Mickey Mouse HQ.

And it gets worse, many customers were reported spending hours on the telephone and chat portals awaiting any possible support from Disney in regards to their accounts. Which resulted in the same type of response you’d probably receive from Telstra or bloody Centrelink, aka A. Waste. Of. Time.

Here are some my fave tweets to put in perspective for ya,

So for any of you new and recent Disney+ subscribers, watch the heck out, strengthen those passwords, try your hardest and push through with patience if you are put on hold and maybe don’t tell your mates your log in details just yet…

Let’s see if Disney will take these problems to action, and fix this whole hacker cyclone because y’all are due for an extraordinary binge marathon.

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