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Tia Maria Has Dropped A New ‘One Of A Kind’ Podcast Series To Sip With Your Espresso Marts

New look, new podcast, but the same iconic Tia Maria

Tia Maria has always been a crowd pleaser, but she’s about to reach whole new level of popularity with her new look and new podcast series, dropping today at 5PM (AEST).

The ‘One of a Kind’ podcast series will do a deep dive into the personal stories of, you guessed it, one-of-a-kind Australians from all walks of life.

Hosted by TV presenter and former Miss World Australia, Erin Holland, a new ep will drop every week, kicking off today with the story of author, actor, singer, and influencer Suzan Mutesi.

Since moving to Australia from her birth-country of Uganda, Suzan has been pushing through racism in her career and life, and has created an uplifting online and IRL community that champions difference. This year, she published her debut book ‘Unapologetically Black: Afro Sisters’ that details her incredible story.

Talk about starting off with a bang! I need a martini.

The second episode of the series will dive into Alexander Porter and his leukaemia journey, from diagnosis to remission all before he was 20.

We’ll also hear the story of Kristian Chase, the fashion designer behind some of the world’s biggest swimwear runway shows. And the story of entrepreneur, Carolyn Butler-Madden, who puts purpose and meaningful social impact at the forefront of business and making profit.

The podcast’s last ep features Isabella Loneragan, one of Australia’s best skin therapists and the only one in the country trained in the Buccal Massage technique, a favourite of Meghan Markle’s.

I mean, can you imagine how classy you’ll look and feel listening to these impressive people while sipping on an espresso mart?

Tia Maria really are giving us good content, good drinks, and good advice that’ll give us great skin. Or, at least, are giving us tips that’ll get us closer to having Meghan Markle’s incredible glow. I’ll drink to that, tyvm.

The podcast is launching to celebrate Tia Maria’s new, revamped ‘One Of A Kind’ bottle. So, keep an eye out when you’re on the hunt for a new bottle to pair with the poddy. Pick it up at any major retailer.

So mix yourself a mart from the new-look (but same, iconic) Tia Maria and tune in to the first ep of their ‘One of a Kind’ podcast series on Apple and Spotify. It drops today at 5PM (AEST). 

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