Tinder Cancels Apocalyptic Interactive Content Swipe Night Amid Coronavirus Panic

Swipe right.

Tinder’s new interactive content Swipe Night has been cancelled in Australia after it was due to launch this Saturday.

Swipe Night launched in the US at the end of last year to resounding success. Capitalising on the swipe mechanic that made Tinder so famous, the experimental idea is a first person choose your own adventure experience that takes place over a series of four episodes.

Directed by Karena Evans of Drake music video fame, the series starts with a party to celebrate the passing of the closest comet since the one the killed the dinosaurs. Of course, but everything goes wrong when it comes a little too close. By swiping left or right, you choose where the story goes next, and whether or not you and your friends survive the night.

However, given the apocalyptic setting of Swipe Night and the events surrounding the coronavirus, Tinder has put a hold on their plans to release the series, saying it would be difficult to launch it in the right spirit.

We’re not sure if this means Swipe Night will be heading our way once everything has calmed down a little or if it’s canned completely. Season Two is set to release in America in a few months time, so don’t lose hope! It’ll probably be headed down under at some point.

In the meantime, Tinder’s focusing on making sure its users are well informed about the coronavirus, with a pop up giving people tips on good hygiene to prevent disease spread.

Image Sources: GIPHY, Twitter

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