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Tinder Troubles


It makes dating shit. You just look at your phone’s screen and swipe left or right on a stranger’s picture.

So much rides on using the “correct” photos that I think the app is a joke. Not who I hope you are in the swipe bait that shows all of your friends? Swipe left. Are you with a small child? Left. Grinding for a match isn’t fun and they flake in experience.

We go right on nearly anyone and we’ve got auto-swipers so our thumbs don’t get RSI.

I’m left feeling unsatisfied but I keep coming back like a drug addict and I hate it. In fact, I’ve come to miss approaching attractive strangers. And if I had my way, Tinder wouldn’t exist because we’d already know how get what we want.

Head outside instead if you want a hot date because Tinder shouldn’t be your first option. Note the people in the street and you’re going to find someone you’ll (actually) want to meet.

Swiping on photos won’t beat face-to-face but if your Tinder’s a breeze, this isn’t for you. Delete Tinder if you’re shy because your courage will shrivel if your right thumb does all the talking.

Now some will argue Tinder makes your reach larger. You might even find someone d.t.f. within minutes of you. These are fair points but nobody brings their proverbial A-game to Tinder. Girls just wait for matches while guys grind on for a girl who likes their look. “Hey” is for horses and most of us guys send shocking messages because they get answered.

We go right on nearly anyone and we’ve got auto-swipers so our thumbs don’t get RSI. This app makes Tinder a gallery of shit for all of its users. Get Tinder if you want but don’t take it seriously because a real date is there for the taking.

Frankly, I’m rarely attracted to most of the girls I swipe right on. I’m simply grinding on to find a match. I’ve reached the point where I get the same person twice and I might be low on swipees.

I’ve come to hate Tinder in the week I’ve spent on it and I believe asking real people out is much better – if perhaps requiring a bit more effort. So get off Tinder and go outside. It’s a lot more thrilling and fun than a swipe of the thumb.

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