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Tips On How To Drink At A Winery Without Getting Plastered

We know the appeal of a winery is to get plastered. But both the wallet and the liver will thank you later if you do actually check out the much more sober activities around our most revered winery regions in the country. Here are our tips on how to best enjoy the surroundings by actually remembering them…

#1 Check To See If There Are Any Tourist Attractions

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Something that brings people from all around the world specifically to see that thing will very rarely be boring. The best part is that they can be free. The Whispering Wall is the dam wall of South Australia’s Barossa Reservoir. It is known as an acoustic phenomenon, as the words whispered from one side of the wall can be heard clearly from the other. All thanks simply to the location and its shape. Also, if you’ve got a big sweet tooth, be sure to check out the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. It has some of the country’s best selection of chocolates, fudges and other confections. Yes please!


#2 Have A Look At The Nearest Towns

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This is just an idea of what you can get of the infinite amount of towns that surround Australia’s best winery regions. Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley is the oldest continuous wine region in Australia. It also has several top golf courses that attract famous identities from all over the country. Perhaps you’re interested in taking an early morning hot air balloon ride… Another town worth visiting is Tanunda, as it is considered the cosmopolitan heart of the Barossa. There are plenty of quaint cafes, shops, and restaurants. But really, the town is famous for its alluring smells of their bakeries, I promise it will be very hard to not buy at least one sweet.


#3 See If There Are Any Day Trips Outside The Winery

Image Source: Healesville Sanctuary

Yes you actually can learn a thing or two when in between downing all the various glasses of wine. If you’re down in Victoria at the beautiful Yarra Valley, why not pop over to Healesville Sanctuary? Get up close and personal to Australian wildlife with more than 200 species of native birds and animals like kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, and the famed Tasmanian devil. Take a little architecture lesson and spend a day in the South Australian town of Hahndorf. The original surviving buildings have so much of the traditional fachwerk (timber framing) architecture, it is only just a glimpse at how much German influence can be found in South Australia.


#4 Look Out For The Wineries That Aren’t Just About The Wine

Image Source: Larry Cherubino

Of course, it is almost impossible to look away from the wine at wineries but perhaps a little distraction will help in not obliterating yourself.If you like charming Spanish-style farmhouses, the Western Australian town of Wilyabrup’s Cherubino Wines is a must see. The Barossa Valley’s Lindsay Wine Estate provides a unique way of sampling wine by infusing music and art. You can take in the winery’s history accompanied by music from staff’s own collection of vintage vinyl records.


#5 Make Sure You’re Eating Whenever You Can

Image Source: Jessica Ruscello

This one’s easy. Just look up the wineries with the most renowned food. The Barossa’s Peter Lehmann Winery has tour groups indulging in platters of the best meats, cheeses, olives, nuts, crackers, assorted vegetables and freshly baked bread. No visit to the Margaret River region would be complete without a visit to Amelia Park Wines, which is famous for its lamb shoulder for two!

Of the many things we are blessed with in Australia, our wineries just scratch the surface. But with any experience, you’d like to actually remember them. So don’t be afraid to use that foreign object called the ‘spittoon’, and explore what else is around!

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