Tony Abbott’s Tribute To Bob Hawke Is Literal Dirt So Can He Plz Leave Now

You know what, I can’t even say this doesn’t surprise me because honestly, it actually bloody does. Every man and his dog knows that Tony Abbott is just about the biggest gronk to stroll through Australian politics. Yet despite this forever-mounting gronk status, I really did think the guy had enough decency to honour Bob Hawke with the dignity he deserves. Clearly I’m right off the bloody pace, here.

Following the death of former Labor Prime Minister, Bob Hawke who passed away in his home yesterday, Abbott took to Twitter to throw a few last minute cheap shots at Labor. It appears that with the upcoming Fed election this Saturday, Abbot’s scrambling to peg any kind of low-blow at Labor before his seat of Warringah is probably – and very likely – yanked from underneath him.

“But his key achievements  – went against the Labor grain.”

Abbott’s held the seat of Warringah since 1994 and all signs are leading to independent Zali Steggall pinching it in a landslide victory this coming Saturday. So amidst such dire times, did Abbott really think this would help his cause? Heck, it’s not even a question worth asking.

Essentially, the moral of this story is clear as freakin’ day. Abbott, please take a walk and keep on walking…spare us from your ridiculousness and dirty cheap shots. We know you’re a shitty polly but please, be a decent human at the least.

Sources: @Laberal, @philjamieson, @TonyAbbottMHR, Tony Abbott Facebook, Bob Hawke Facebook. 

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