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Toot Toot, ABC And SBS Train Shows BOTH Got More Viewers Than MKR Last Night

Soz Channel 7.

In the headline you arguably never thought you’d see (or maybe you did..) both SBS and ABC train shows have derailed (sorry) old mates MKR for viewers. SBS’s prime time show Great Australian Railway Journeys, along with Griff’s Great Australian Rail Trip got more viewers than MKR last night. Sorry Manu, it’s the truth my friend.

According to numbers from OzTam Metro, ABC’s train-a-thon clocked in 484,000 viewers, with 404,000 passengers (sorry last one) on SBS. They both beat the 402,000 that tuned into the home-cooks gone gossip gang train-wreck on Channel 7.

That’s right folks not even a spiced-up new format, which makes the show more about shit talk and drama than ever before, seems to have saved the Masterchef-competitor. And look, I’ve seen one or two of these train-focused shows in the past, and it’s more riveting than you think.

Picturesque landscapes, the occasional 90s-inspired toot horn, and somewhat hypnotic sound of trains on physical train tracks is enough to wake the inner Antiques Roadshow gremlin in all of us.

I was actually a decent enough fan of MKR in the past (although there was drama for this season before an episode even aired). The true home-cook nature of the show made the characters/talent interesting and fun to watch. Oh, and the show was legit about the food. Like they actually were allowed to focus on cooking, as opposed to producers baiting drama-queens into one liners for ratings. Probs a key part.

And what’s funny is that MAFS dominated the ratings with over a million viewers across Oz, a huge result. Because well, they’ve always focused on being a trashy reality-romance show. It works for them and the cringe is great.

MKR stop trying to be what you’re not, hunny.

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