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Top 5 Travel Destinations Of 2017

Well, 2017 is nearly over and like every year, our curiosity for a land beyond ours was at an all time high. While there are tonnes of amazing places that would literally take me months to scour through, we’ve put our heads together to bring you the Top 5 most memorable and popular travel destinations for 2017.

#1 Japan

This year my Instagram was filled with people taking trips to Japan and really, who can blame them? Japan is filled with a vibrant culture that’s sure to astound you. Harajuku offers you a choice of shopping, dining and art, where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere to your hearts content. If you’re wanting a break from the hustle, there are plenty of beautiful mountains to hike around where you’ll be able to capture images that resemble something off a post card. There are many ancient temples and shrines that are filled with old legends and a rich history that should be added to your list of things to see.

#2 Malta

This is a world heritage destination that doesn’t necessarily come to mind straight away. I must admit, I didn’t actually know this place existed until recently, but it’s so gorgeous and quaint. Despite the tininess, Malta is jam packed with history, managing to preserve its 16th century buildings and ambiance. Visit Valetta and you’ll find things like bars, eateries, hotels and museums all stashed into mansions from the 1500s. The Blue Lagoon will give you your fix of white sand and water that’s clear enough to make you believe the entire scene in front of you is photoshopped.

#3 Phuket

This island has been a popular travel destination for years and 2017 was no different in that matter (the FOMO was real after watching too many Insta stories from my bedroom). Phuket is a lot larger than the other islands, which is ideal if claustrophobia isn’t on your to-do list of experiences. Here you’ll find colourful culture, amazing bars, wildlife sanctuaries (you can’t say no to feeding elephants), and of course, picture perfect beaches to get a tan on. The food (including fruit) tastes sweeter, but it’s safe to say you’ll be frothing over it daily (I’d happily eat their food for the rest of my life).

#4 Indonesia

This diverse country hosts thousands of islands (17000 if you want to be exact) and is filled with an expanse of characters, practices, languages and experiences. It’s unlikely you’ll get bored due to each island being vastly different, almost like you’re travelling to different countries. You’ll find an abundance of volcanoes, the types of beaches you’d probably find a Kardashian lying on, and greenery that’s lush enough to slip you further into a holiday trance. I’ve also heard the night life is wild, and should definitely be taken advantage of.

#5 New York

This city is the perfect place for wanderers, and what they say about it never sleeping is correct (you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching the lights until the early morning). It would take years to get through the list of things to do here, and everywhere you turn there’s something that’s bound to be unique (and possibly a little crazy). Stroll around the art museums that pretty much cater for every genre known to man (I was in The Met for hours and I didn’t even get through three quarters of it). You can also hire a bike and ride around Central Park, or see the most recognised city icons for yourself. If it all gets too loud, Greenwich Village is a five-minute train ride from the city, perfect for slowing down at one of the many cafes or boutique stores (you’ll even find the Friends apartment).

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