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Touch Sensitive’s 5 Favourite Funky Bangers To Add To Your NYE Playlist

CHOOOON alert.

Good lord it’s December and that officially means Christmas trees up, shitty New Years resolutions start to make a shortlist, and we cast our minds back on all the good times and fuck ups from 2019. And god knows there’s been many on both sides.

We also start to reminisce, and as the days go by you either keenly look forward to your NYE celebrations, or you scramble to organise some last minute plans that won’t disappoint.

So in anticipation of whatever you have going, we decided to have a chinwag with NYE In The Park favourite (tix here) Touch Sensitive, to find out five absolute choon rags that need to make it on your 2019 NYE Playlist. Because whether it’s a house party, festival pre-drinks, or pre-NYE hype, good music is essential to get you in the mood.

And in true bass god style, we’ve got 5 funky bangers that will make you want to celebrate all those good times much more than the screw ups.

#1 Aphrodisiac (Instrumental) // Matakena 

Touch Sensitive: I heard this out somewhere, and had to have it. Only to realise it wasn’t on Spotify. However, there’s nothing like holding the real thing and the artwork is to my liking, also the message is positive.

#2 Toi Mon Toit // Alma Vox 

TS: This is a remake of a popular French pop song from yesteryear, everything that Versatile puts out I like.

#3 Isla Fantasia // Kokoro Disco San 

TS: My little brother recently put a new stereo system with a sub in my car so I’ve been pumping this while I’ve been in Sydney, sorry not sorry Bexley. 

#4 Cassius // 1999

TS: Been a fan since ’99, I distinctly remember seeing the clip for the first time on Channel V, was lucky enough to meet them on a few occasions. R.I.P Zadar.

#5 80s 80s // Malibu 

TS: I think one thing I love most about old disco records like this is the stamina, no computers just talent. Also I’m a sucker for the Prophet 5 sync sound.

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