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Townsville Floods Causing Chaos: The Disaster Summed Up In Photos

Townsville isn’t a stranger to the rain. Located in Australia’s tropical North, this part of the country is very used to seeing tropical cyclones and they’re also very much accustomed to the huge downpours and gusty winds that belt through the region from December to April. It happens almost every year but this year, it’s different.

In the past week alone the region has copped over 1 metre of rain and in what’s dubbed as a once-in-a-century monsoonal event, the unprecedented deluge of rain is causing absolute chaos. There’s a whole list of problems that are arising, most of which extend far beyond the dangers posed by just heavy rain and rising floodwaters. Among them, the huge repair bill seems to be mounting by the millions every day.

Twitter and Insta have emerged as a kind of refuge for people to share their experiences and rejoice in their hardship. Everyone has a different story to tell and it’s absolutely shocking to see the kinds of things our friends up in the North are experiencing.

Doggos of the floods (and other fury friends)

When a natural disaster hits it’s instinctual to protect those we love most, our families. But what happens to our fury friends in the face of disaster? There’s nothing more wholesome than seeing happily rescued doggos all safe and sound.  Also captured is a troop of boomers rescued from the rising waters.

Croc infested flood waters

Ummmm quick tip: don’t enter flood waters. No, I mean really. Since the Ross Diver Dam catchment began to almost overflow, the gates at Aplin’s Weir were automatically opened and the water gushed out at an unstoppable force. With it though, the banks of the river in low lying areas beneath the Weir overflowed and naturally so did all its wild creatures. Crocs have been found trapped in gutters and stuck in trees. Where there’s a baby croc, there’s a bigger Mumma croc. *hyperventilates*

Roads have become rapids

Flood waters rose rapidly and so too did its force. Roads are now almost unrecognisable and streets are becoming fast-moving waterways.

Floodgates have busted open

The Ross River Dam is generally Townsville’s beacon of light during the monsoon season as it serves to hold a large portion of rainfall in higher areas, preventing it from inundating lower lying towns. As a result of huge deluges in such a short time span, the catchment was levelling almost 4 metres above its capacity before the gates were busted open around 9pm last night.

It’s a disaster zone

Army personnel are now leading many of the rescues, attempting to reach victims using any type of waterborne vessel they can get their hands on. The region has also been labeled a disaster zone and with soldiers now crowding the most devastated places, it sure looks like one.

It’s expected that the rain will ease from today onward however there’s no denying that the effects of the floods don’t stop here. We hope our friends in the North remain safe (including our fury friends).


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