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Travis Scott May Have Had A Gal On The DL For YEARS And Twitter Is In Meltdown Mode

This situation is just so extremely spicy.

Boy oh boy oh BOY is this a spicy lil sitch. Eagle eyed fans did some serious super-sleuthing this week and Travis might just be B-U-S-T-E-D. Turns out there’s another chicka in the picture for the rapper and it looks like she’s been there awhile.

Celeb love scandals are just happening left right and centre ATM. Who knew the youngest billionaire on the planet would be next? So (apparently) here is the sitch: Travis and Kylie split after he was caught sliding into DMs he shouldn’t have. Then some fans put their detective hats on and spotted pics of Travis and @YungSweetRo on Instagram with the same geo-tags around the same times. Heck.

BUT THEN @YungSweetRo reportedly came out on her IG story with screenshots of Kylie following and unfollowing her. She’s since changed her account to private tho. Apparently she’s been on the scene with Scott for 6 years. To make matters even spicier, reports also emerged of Kylie linking up with her ex-BF Tyga. There’s so much spice someone get me a glass of water pls.

Twitter went OFF:

With the next season of KUWTK around the corner, we can’t help but wonder about the timing of the scandal… did a certain momager have anything to do with this?

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