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TripAdvisor Reveals Weirdest And Most Wonderful Tourist Attractions

There is no denying that the world is filled with some of the most magical and breathtaking locations. These places make us want to jet off and explore the corners of the globe. However, not everything can be placed in this picturesque category. Some of the most amazing experiences can also be the weirdest, from yoga-ing with cats in Sydney to sipping tea with owls in Japan.

TripAdvisor has compiled the perfect list of the weirdest experiences around the globe. So branch out and get amongst some of the worlds most unusual tourist attractions, we guarantee they will not be on most of your mates bucket lists.

#1 Poopoo Land – Seoul, S. Korea

Taking the number one spot is a one of a kind poop experience. South Korea is rising in tourism popularity, thanks to its unique history and amazing natural locations.  But Poopoo Land has to take the cake. The 30-minute journey allows you to ‘undergo’ the process of entering your body and exiting as waste. It’s a truly unique experience, which you can relive forever with souvenirs and Poo Emoji captioned Instragrams.

#2 Cat Yoga – Sydney, Australia

It’s more than a cat café, it’s cat yoga. Of course at this location you can enjoy some quality coffee made from some of Sydney’s best baristas, but you can also wind down and medicate with some cute little furry friends. Plus you get 15 minutes of extra cuddle time. Even better, all the funds go towards rescue cats.

#3 Jamaica Bobsledding Tour – Montego Bay, Jamaica

It was one of the most spectacular moments in history, and you can re-live the 1988 Winter Olympics, minus the ‘Cool Runnings’. Enjoy an unexpected adventure in a warm, tropical climate with stunning views across the jungle. Apart from the bobsledding there is an abundance of cool activities you can do on the tour, plus plenty of opportunity for incredible photos.

#4 Owl Café – Chiyoda, Japan

Yes, owls in a café, you heard it right. The unique venue not only offers gorgeous crystal chandeliers and classical music, but a great variety of owl species that you can interact with. It’s like the perfect combination of classy, quirky and unusual. With great photo opps available it’s the perfect therapeutic experience outside of the bustling Tokyo.

#5 Roman Gladiator School – Rome, Italy

As most will know Rome is the heart of ancient history in Italy. So you’ve been before and you’ve done everything from the Roman Forum to the Pantheon and back again, why not take it to the next level? You can learn how to become a gladiator at this training school, transporting yourself back to an arena fight in the Colosseum. It’s an activity for all, even complete with traditional costume.

Image Source: Paradise Palms Jamaica Tour, Tripadvisor, Sydney Cat Cafe, Asia 361

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