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Triple J Hottest 100 Voting Ends Next Week So Here Are The Best Tweets About Trying To Pick Your Faves

Ah yes the yearly struggle to pick your top 10.

The annual musical celebration that is the Triple J Hottest 100 is very soon upon us. Picking your top 10 songs for 2019 is an emotional rollercoaster. Twitter gets it, so we’ve rounded up the most relatable tweets about the Hottest 100 voting feels.

It Is A Very Important Decision

My opinion is of utmost importance.

When Ya Feel A Lil Out Of Touch With 2019

Time really flies.

I will now be using ‘puffteenth’ as a unit of measurement.

Yea… sorry champ.

Debating Over The Best From Years Gone By

2013 was certainly an exceptional hottest 100.

But apparently the noughties hit a lil different.

98 is also a strong contender.

Nostalgic AND Political


Having To Avoid Instagram As Much As Possible

When you just feel dreadfully uncultured.

Dave over here with the ‘you wouldn’t have heard of them but they’ve got a really good vibe’.

When You’re A Lil Too Addicted To One Artist

I just wanna know what an evil spider looks like when it’s at home.

8 friends will do tbh.

Nothing Has Divided The People Like Dance Monkey

Her voice is FAB.

But that song gets played A LOT.

The Struggle Is Just So Real

These just radiate the same relatable energy.

Image source: Triple J (Facebook) 

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