Trump Could Finally Be Getting Impeached, And Here’s What It Actually All Means

Could the US President’s days in office really be numbered?

Start your engines, and whip out the hair plugs, an impeachment inquiry into President Trump has been kicked off by the US Speaker of the House Nancy Polesi. The whole thing has erupted after a whistleblower complaint was brought to the attention of the US Government – basically it was a phone call made to the President of Ukraine in July.

The transcript of said conversation is due to be released to the public in the coming days (spicy). It allegedly contains evidence that your not-so fave billionaire put $400 million of military aid for Ukraine on hold to get them to try and find dirt on his 2020 election opponent Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Are we shocked about this? Probably not.

And look by default we have to care about Trump, because the United States are still the biggest political power in the world (and ScoMo is like his personal kiss-ass best friend). So what the bloody heck does all this mean?

Basically, an investigation will be done to see if the whole shemozzle is enough to put the impeachment of the president to a vote in the Senate. And if two-thirds vote in favour, Trump would be evicted from the Oval Office. Simple (sort of).

Naturally the Twittersphere has gone into overdrive since, and we’ve picked out some little bits and pieces that might help you understand this mess a bit better.

Unsurprisingly, the US President reacted in his typical Trump-like fashion:

Some high-flyers in US politics were quick to share their two cents as well:

Annnnd as you can imagine the rest of Twitter had an opinion:

The internet definitely seems to think the impeachment could be a go, but only four presidents have ever been impeached in the history of United States democracy. So the odds are probably in favour of Trump NOT being evicted just yet.

In saying that, it’s very much early days so it’s hard to say. With a Republican majority Senate, getting Trump impeached could be a stretch. But the fact that a powerful US politician like Polesi has opened the investigation may mean that Trump’s days in office are numbered. Fingers crossed.

Image source: Unsplash @historyinhd

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