Trump Just Used A Nickelback Reference To Throw Shade, So Watch Out Meme Lords

Our favourite wig-wearing nutcase has outdone himself.

Trump’s Twitter account is honestly just indescribable on the best of days, but today he really stepped it up a notch. The President of the United States literally used the Nickelback meme to throw shade at the Bidens/impeachment inquiry debacle. Is there anything more entertaining than watching an archaic keyboard warrior trying to be hip with the internet lingo the kids are using?

Warner Music Inc. were having none of this. The tweet was removed on copyright grounds but Trump’s caption ‘LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH’ remains. I am literally starting to get abs from laughing at how ridiculous this is.


Twitter continues to supply A+ responses to this nonsense.

I’m dead keen to hear Nickelback’s thoughts.

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