Trump’s Campaign Just Released A Vid Of Him As Thanos

Just when we thought Trump’s use of social media couldn’t get any more questionable.

I thought after the whole poorly photoshopped version of Rocky with Trump’s head on his body, the POTUS and his social media team would cool it on the bizarre attempts to gain support from voters. I was so very wrong.

So as we know, the President is in the midst of an impeachment inquiry that has not been going his way at all. Guess it was time to pull out all the stops?

So basically Trump’s team is saying that his re-election is ‘inevitable’, using the vid to take aim at Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic politicians involved in the impeachment hearings. I can’t help but wonder if any of his team have actually seen Endgame? Here are some of the best responses from across Twitter:

The bloke who created Thanos is also understandably pissed about the whole thing.

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