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Tunes To Set The Mood: Turn It Up While You Get Down

So you’ve had a great date, the two are you have established your keen on one another, so you decide to take the plunge and now you’re back at your place. Setting the mood is crucial, some snacks, some wine, maybe even some candles, but what about music? Whatever you decided to play will likely be the main thing your date for the evening will remember about you. So, no pressure right? It’s all good though, here you’ll find a list of sultry tunes that are sure to set the mood right.

Let Hug Longer – Heaps Good Friends

Fun, catchy and straight to the point, you’ll want to make this your go to tune to get your point across. With a good helping of brittle-pop, that would be awkward encounter is now a fun chance to get busy with another person.

History – Cosmo’s Midnight

Maybe you’re about to revisit an old fling, maybe everyone’s told you to let it be… Doesn’t matter, you’re going to do you so you need a track to back you up. Smooth vocals wrapped in blazing electronic pop is all you need for the occasion. You’re already here, why not enjoy the moment.

O Lord – Cub Sport

An emotive powerhouse that oozes with feeling, this one should be reserved for that special someone. Charged with vulnerability, Cub Sport have produced a gospel masterpiece that’ll surely stir up something within you. Best time to play this? When you want the other person to know that regardless of everything in the world, they’re the one you want to be with.

Be About You – Winston Surfshirt

A soulful blend of traditional R&B and sensual lyricism, Be About You is your guide for forays into the unknown. You’ve met someone new, great; you’re really digging each other, even better. You may never be 100% but with the help of this irresistible tune, you’ll take a chance, and who knows, you might like what you find.

Crazy In Love (Cover) – Oh Wonder

Yes, the original is flawless, but that can be said about everything Beyoncé does. What Oh Wonder have managed to do here, is strip back this mighty track and leave a raw sound that’ll throw you and your partner into a whole other realm. Ease into this one because the ride will be intense, but surely rewarding afterwards.

Hot & Lonely – Hedge Fund

Don’t let the title turn you away, Hot & Lonely is a love-making song though a bit unconventional. The exploratory track wades through love, sexual energy and true understanding of another person. A post-rock track in essence, you want to have this blasting to drown out the noise around you, and for a brief (or extended) moment, really try and understand the person in front of you.

Anything by Marvin Gaye

Not going to lie, the man practically invented love making. With classics like Let’s Get It On and Sexual Healing. How can you go wrong with a lil’ Marvin Gaye.

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