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Tunes You Forgot About for Your Hottest 100 Votes

Whittling a whole year into an album sized pocket is terribly hard. That’s what the Hottest 100 forces us to do. At the request of Triple J, we comb through our playlists, most played songs and scour our favourite bands to make a decision. If you don’t want to see your favourite February track relegated to the second 100, or your May anthem left out completely, these are the songs you may have forgotten. Flume is a certainty, but what about the other 99? Consider this a refresher course.

World of Our Love – Client Liaison

The 80’s throwback duo have been tearing up dance floors with their retro tunes all year long. Before you throw all your voting power behind their off white limousine, remember this wonderful track from earlier in the piece.

Wolfie ft Julia Stone – Golden Features

Featuring one half of everyone’s favourite brother, sister duo Angus and Julia Stone, the masked man is at it again. In previous years having just missed out on the top 100, if you’re a fan of Golden Features cutting jams then don’t forget to vote.

Notion – Tash Sultana

You’ve been hearing a lot of her cascading vocals in recent days but what about where it all began. Sure Jungle certainly deserves a nod, but Tash Sultana is talented enough to warrant two spots on the final countdown.

Alaska – Maggie Rogers

The earthy instrumental, the transcending vocals, it’s a recipe for musical heaven. Don’t forget Maggie when you’re making your selection, this was your walking jam only mere months ago.

Lonely Cities – Tigertown

Infectious vocals and a click inducing rhthym, the ode to lonely cities will breathe life into the toughest of days. It’s catchy pop without the irritating cliche, don’t let this May track fall by the wayside.

Knife Edge – Matt Corby

The best thing to come from Australian Idol including Osher and Shannon Noll, has been strumming to perfection all year long. To forget his eery vocals and enveloping talent would be a crime.

Window Seat – Thomston, Wafia

The fine entanglement of Thomston and Wafia will have you brushing goosebumps off. A duet that feels evenly matched and so delightfully restrained in tempo. Absolute mastery.

First Light – Dustin Tebbutt

If the soundtrack to your life sounded this good, you wouldn’t want it playing in the background. First Light is all twinkle and sparkle, a song that demands a smile as you listen to it.

Sticks and Horses – George Maple

It’s sexy and Maple’s husky tones make it all the more wonderful. RnB slow sway vibes all around.

Bad Decisions – Two Door Cinema Club

The band that filled your teenage bedroom return to the airwaves in fine form with Bad Decisions. It’s that trill vocal croon and toe-tapping rhythms that make it a real winner.

Dang! ft Anderson.Paak – Mac Miller

A club resonance bumps it in and then the chorus so wonderfully crafted you’ll be soaking up the sax with glee. It’s rap for any situation and it deserves a spot in your top ten.

The Boys – Lisa Mitchell

From Coin Laundry to The Boys, Lisa Mitchell is an ideal mix of folksy charm and indie darling. Listen to her hushed tones and be taken away with every play.

Ivy League – Alex Lahey

An ode to the arts degree, definitely our kind of jam. Lahey matches her easy vocals with a ricochet of instrumentals, and oh boy does it work.

Rolling Dice – Just A Gent

That slow build, that intergalactic charm, whatever it is that makes this track so soul shaking we’re not sure. Just A Gent is one to watch.

They Don’t Know Us – Kilter

Kilter has provided many a summer banger and this one is no exception. He deserves a handful of spots, but consider this one to take up just a smidgen of real estate in your vote card.

Carry On – Tkay Maidza and Killer Mike

Aussie rap darling and dance floor anthem queen, her debut album is full to the brim with winning tracks. But this one is likely to be overshadowed by later tracks, don’t let it slip your mind.

Like The Other Kids – Ayla

A track so whimsical you’ll find yourself roaming the bush with this playing in the background. It’s a niche pick for sure, but that’s what Triple J is all about.

Money – Leikeli47

You may recall this one featuring on a TVC, if you still watch TV. It’s straight up fire and deserves your attention.

Blood On Me – Sampha

Soul filled, percussion laden, Blood on Me has both in perfect measure. Sampha deserves to be rewarded for a stellar year and this track is incredibly worthy.

Dvorak Pt II – Willow Beats

Enchanting as always Willow Beats weaves beats and ethereal vocals like fine silk. It’s mildly tropical in a way that rebukes all cliche.

Give Me A Reason – Jagwar Ma

The trio have done it again, offering an album worth listening to on never-ending loop. In case there release early in the year slipped your mind, this one’s for you.

Magnetic – Dan Sultan

With an impeccable range and genre crossing sound, Dan Sultan is all about the feeling his music creates. This track is no different with the title speaking to just how you’ll feel towards the track itself. Magnetic, alright.

Signals – Nicole Millar

Off the back of a handful of stunning vocal features, Nicole Millar’s venture into solo-hood has been magical to watch. Signals is a fine example of someone coming into their own in fine style.

Late Night Store – Husky

A track so noteworthy it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been played more. The vocals are clean and charming, the beat carried through with ease; it’s like a sea breeze roaring through your house. Captivating stuff.

Never Seen This Before – The Delta Riggs

A rock classic  sound revived, The Delta Riggs have enlivened the 70’s without making us cringe. Worthy of being played outside of a dive bar, unlike many a 70’s inspired track.

Smile – Vince Staples

Intricate timing and quality rap make for a track that will make you smile. Vince Staples is an act with serious presence, and we can’t wait to see more from him.

The Dreamer – Anderson .Paak, Talib Kweli, Timan Family Choir

When there’s a choir involved, you know it’s going to be good, and this track is no exception. Let Taleb and Anderson take you to a whole new level of dream state.

Touch – Alice Ivy, Georgia Van Etten

Aurally invading, and by that I mean it feels every corner of your head with it’s magic. A retro scape of  vocals and angelic interlude, this is a seriously underrated pick.

Diggin – Ngaiire

A song with murderous undertones, but Ngaiire manages to make it feel like a soulful praise. Pick up your shovel and get voting for this stellar track.

Soundcheck – Catfish and The Bottlemen

British rockstars Catfish and The Bottlemen took over the charts with the newest release, but don’t forget there’s a whole album to choose from. There’s no need to vote for 7 mindlessly without considering the vast options.

Settle – Vera Blue

The redhead with an angelic presence, Vera Blue kills this track with her soaring vocals and impeccable tone.

Drop Your Love feat Dirty Radio – Young Franco

Club banger or tropical escape? We’re not sure either. Whatever it is, that piano makes it truly spectacular. A perfect summer opening track for sunlight evening mischief.

Lone Bird – Big Scary

A slow burner filled with feeling and carefully plucked strings, Big Scary are always good. Lone Bird is a merriment of restrained indie rock and twangy guitars, in expert measure.

Love Somebody – Ta-ku and Wafia

An artfully crafted song of ballad proportion, it feels like an ode to lovers with an electronic twist. Ta-ku and Wafia lift this song to new heights, it’s excellent all round.

For You – Northeast Party House

With a name like Northeast Party House, you can’t expect anything less than party starting, groove inducing beats. It’s infectiously warm and perfect for a light boogie. Shut your eyes and enjoy.

Stepping Stone – Lemaitre, Mark Johns

A trap track with a little vocal spice, it feels like it could exist happily outside the depths of a basement club.

Lose Control – Glass Animals and Joey Bada$$

An unexpected match but a wonderful one at that. It’s a track that can’t be nailed down to one genre, but wherever it belongs it’s damn fine. Turn. It. Up.

Native Tongue – Gang of Youths

Opening to the screech of school children, this Gang of Youths song is awash with little wonders. A colourful riff, a vocal toil unique to them and a whole lot of dark misty vocals.

Everlasting Sigh – Moses Sumney

A intricate work of art, Moses instrumental mastery is worth your time. It’s eerily beautiful and a little whimsical, but oh so powerful too.

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