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Tunes You Forgot About For Your Hottest 100

As the weeks tic over, Jan 27th gets closer, and so the second coming of Christmas nears. Yep it’s bloody peak Hottest 100 territory and there’s a damn good chance that for a lot of us, narrowing down our best ten songs of 2017 will cause us more stress than the fact we are starting a new job, are going back to uni or have other more life-important issues at hand.

But tell me this my friends, is there a worse feeling than when you submit your top ten, only to then realise a handful of choon-rags that you didn’t even consider? I think not. And while this list could spawn into the thousands, we’ve picked out a handful that might have slipped your focused eye (and we chucked them into a playlist in case you’re considering a late addition to your list.)


Ali D – Winston Surfshirt

What a year for the Sydney lads, blending a luscious mix of indie pop, horns and smooth vocals. And although Be About You is a definite shoe-in, their tune Ali D is a mellow masterstroke that gets you moving with subtle doses of funk and groove. YOU COULD BE MINEEE!

About This Thing – Young Franco (feat. Scrufizzer)

A rather quiet 2017 for Mr Franco, but his release with Scrufizzer is a definite vibe. Jumping on the back of the grime resurrection, the tune has a distinctively Young Franco feel with deep bass-lines and breakdowns. Hard to not boogie to the chorus.

Doing It For The Money – Foster The People

The American lads released a very solid record last year, but there’s a good chance they’ll fall victim of being too bloody consistent. There are three or four other songs that have been on Triple J’s rotation, but Doing It For The Money feels like a bit of old FTP meets the new sound. Mixing modern production against a classic Foster The People chorus, it’s a massive favourite.

Damselfly – Loyle Carner (feat. Tom Misch)

Breakthrough year for this English MC, on the back of a debut album that has proved to be massively popular in Oz. It was an album that’s been in the works for a while, and Damselfy is more of a slow jam that showcases Carner’s unique emotional delivery. Featuring the ever-talented Tom Mish, it’s a truly underrated gem.

History – Cosmos Midnight

Okay, so while I don’t think many of you will forget about this absolute belter, I’m a bit concerned. I’ve seen a fair few votes on the interwebz and this choon seems to be missing. I’m praying it’ll make the cut, because wow what a hit. It’s simple, fun and oh so relatable.

Bad Dream – The Jungle Giants

My absolute dark horse for this year’s hundo. On the back of a fab record, The Jungle Giants have delivered track upon track, in what was a slight change of sound for them. I think Feel The Way I do is an honest top ten smokey, Bad Dream is just as much a banger.

Selfish – The Kite String Tangle

Of his first full-length, self titled release, Selfish is possibly the best drop-worthy song from The Kite String Tangle’s 2017 record. I reckon it should get a feature, but you just feel like it could be one of those ones where you expect it, and expect it, but get’s Ricki-Lee Coulter’d.

Castle – Slum Sociable

What a great debut album from the SS lads, as they genre hopped to produce an album that is so unique (so much that it even landed our December choice for Album Of The Month.) Castle actually had me feeling a bit of a Mos Def vibe in terms of melody, and if you actually listen closely, there is so much happening from the violins, to the drums and little bits and pieces in between.

Cinderella Dracula – Tired Lion

MY GOD WHAT A HEAD BANGER. Seriously if you want some 90’s alt-rock nostalgia, Tired Lion are your guys. A must play on your next road trip, Cinderella Dracula will no doubt encourage many a mosh at festivals around Australia in the future. DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAA!

Cola – CamelPhat (feat. Elderbrook)

It’s pretty rare to see such a massive dance track get close to the hundred, but this huge hit from CamelPhat is on track for a cheeky appearance. It’s filled many a dance floor around the world, and we won’t judge you if you’ve had a very loose boogie to this one at some point last year.

Ride It – Meg Mac

UBER TALENT. There are no other words to describe Meg Mac, I’m honestly in awe. Ride It is my personal favourite track of Low Blows, and the countdown is no doubt set to feature a lot of the Victorian. What get’s me the most is that pre-chorus, which is just powerful and made for sing alongs.

Cold – Stormzy

Shut uppppp rude boy. Big year for grime 2017 was, and this man led the charge. On the back of some big new year festival performances, Stormzy set a new benchmark last year. And while Big For Your Boots is set for a feature, Cold arguably has even more hype. Those blaring trumpets just get you off your chair, and can we just have a moment for the line “I just went to the park with my friends and I charted.” Arrogantly beautiful.

Dangerous – The xx

This has to be one of the best Jamie xx produced songs he’s ever worked on. The infectious beat and bass is what makes this song, and to be honest I’m convinced it could be a wicked instrumental (sorry Romy, Oliver.)

Meditation – Goldink

Watch out for this man ya’ll, seriously big things on the way. His record At What Cost particularly killed it in the States and the DMV rapper is back in Oz soon for a headline tour. While many of you would have heard Crew (a massive hit), Meditation is some track. Featuring the delicious production of Kaytranada, and oozing vocals of Jazmine Sullivan, this is a funky tune with a relatable message.

Be Friends – Alice Ivy (feat. Cazeaux, O.S.L.O)

Rocking that Avalanches sound, Alice Ivy is carrying the torch for all you lovers of sampling. Chuck a bit of old-school Mark Ronson in there, plus some J Dilla and you have Australia’s own queen of new age production. Be Friends is catchy and the hook is made for night drives across beaches.

Destiny’s – Arno Faraji

Our Triple J Unearthed High winner in 2017, Faraji’s different approach to Aussie hip hop has been both refreshing and memorable. His debut choon Destiny’s showcases the 17-year old’s (yep, feel shit about yourself) likeable flow and style.

Assumptions – Manu Crook$

He was brought out at A$AP Ferg’s gig recently, and has changed modern perceptions of Aussie hip hop even more than Faraji. This beat is deadly good, with dark vibes and a haunting melody. Might miss out, but my fingers are crossed.

Astronaut (Something About Your Love) – Mansionair

Mansionair borrow some Daft Punk feels for their track Astronaut, which was a huge favourite. From the slow build up, to the auto-tuned pre-chorus and chorus, the song is both chill and catchy.

Change – J. Cole

4 Your Eyez Only is possibly one of the best rap albums of recent memory, but it could suffer from a December 2016 release. Change got a lot of spins on the J’s early and mid 2016, and the song follows Cole reflecting on the cycle of violence and crime in struggling black communities and details the murder of his friend James McMillan Jr. Like much of his work, it’s deep yet still very memorable.

Sleep Drifter – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Five albums in one year, seriously WTF lads?! Too many songs to even get your head fully around, and while Rattle Snake is the favourite in terms of making an appearance, Sleep Drifter is a right tune. Made for a proper sesh in the desert This track highlights the now very King Gizzard staple muffled guitar sound at it’s finest.

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