Twitter Is Dragging The New “Yeezy Crocs” And Honestly, Same


On Thursday it was leaked by Yeezy Mafia, that Kanye West is dropping a new line of “Foam Runners” that look suspiciously like Dad’s fav fishing shoe, Crocs. The shoe which will be available in 2020, is supposed to be modelled on a foam clog, being a convenient slip-on type of sneaker. We aren’t sure of the price of the shoes yet, but if its anything like other Yeezy sneakers, you’ll probably have to chop off both your feet and sell them to afford a pair.

Or, you can head to your local Anaconda Camping Store and pick up a pair of the OG Crocs for one twentieth of the price. Your call.

So, Here’s What Twitter Thinks About ‘Yocs:’

Don’t fix what ain’t broke, Ye.

You literally can’t unsee this.

The relationship we never thought we’d see…

Walking trash? We get it.

The Jibbitz are the best thing about Crocs. Keep up, Kanye.

Okay, that’s a HUGE call.

Big mood.

Image Sources: Twitter 

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