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Twitter Is Fkn Adoring How Harry Styles Asked Each “Watermelon Sugar” Model For Consent Before He Touched Them

That’s how you do it, lads.

Harry Styles + banging tune + 80s vibes + consent. It’s the music video that’s got me drooling everyone really applauding the former One Direction boy, and man oh man did the Watermelon Sugar video really deliver.

Drenched in sun-kissed visuals, your favourite sexuality-embracing lad oozes confidence as he swings between chomping down on watermelon and having general good times with the gang.

The Watermelon Sugar music vid almost definitely confirms that the sultry track is indeed a classy description of going downtown, but it was those female models in the video who really confirmed what a gentleman Harry was on set.

In a video dedicated to “touching” (and a not-so-subtle nod to the COVID world we live in), one of the women in the video mentioned how Styles asked them for consent each time they filmed.

During an Instagram live from one of the models, Ephrata, she explains how Styles earned the “consent king” title.

Between his constant wearing of nail polish, the way he shutdowns misogynistic men like Kyle Sandilands, or wearing a combo of fishnets and Gucci lipstick – Harry’s been an ace for sexuality. And embracing who you are.

So it doesn’t necessarily come as a shock that he was careful before touching the models during the shoot. But it didn’t stop Twitter from going into absolute meltdown as a result.

And honestly, same.

You can say what you want – that he’s a celeb, likely has a PR team, manager and the rest. But the film crew were telling him what to do to make the video more engaging, and the fact he still went about asking for consent – even just to touch one of the model’s hair – says a lot.

Although the song is probably oral-sex related, between this music video, his general interviews recently, and now these comments on consent – Harry feels like someone who embraces femininity in all facets.

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