Two Birds Getting It On May Be Responsible For Perth’s Massive Power Out

Love birds go out with a massive bang.

Two kookaburras may be responsible for the mass power outage in Perth, leading to roughly 1,000 homes going without electricity. The love-birds (hehe) were caught having sex on top of a power line just moments before the power outage swept through Perth. I mean, talk about a bang!

The witness to the incident was walking his dog near Albion Place and Fairlane Drive in Carine, Perth, just before witnessing the birds getting it on. Moments after, the man saw a “blue flash” and heard a “loud bang”.

Unfortunately, the frisky birds did not survive their trist. The loud bang and blue flash was, in fact, the birds getting electrocuted. Consider this a classic Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lovers fatality. It’s like the ending to The Notebook, if instead of old lovers dying gracefully in each others arms, they were two birds getting blown up while fucking on a live wire.

Now that I think of it, this would be an absolutely horrible ending to a movie. (Editor’s note: I reckon this would be an incredible ending to a movie.)

But, ya know, sometimes love ain’t easy. Not to mention kinky sex, I guess? This encounter I reckon is simply a public shag gone horribly wrong. The birds’ fatal ending to their sexual escapade is 50 shades of sad.

Who knows, maybe E.L. James will use this incident as inspiration to her next psychosexual romance. The title could be ‘Fifty Shades Of Fried’.

Local power company Western Power came through to assess and repair the damages. Spokesperson for the power company Paul Entwistle said, “It seems to be a case of a couple of lovebirds who have made the wrong connection, unfortunately.” Seriously, even his commentary on the matter is just too bloody rich. Not that birds having sex leading to a mass power outage is comical. Not at all.

The birds received an electric shock of anywhere between 155,000 to 765,000 volts. Ouch. My heart does go out to them. The power outage occurred Wednesday 12 June and it left people without power for only up to a few hours.

RIP to the love birds. Thoughts go out to you and your families. Your short-lived romance really made sparks fly.

Image Source: GIPHY, Flickr Robbie Sydney

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