Two Pigeons Smuggled Their Way Onto A Plane, Proving They Are Sneaky, Chaos-Loving Monsters

They cannot be trusted.

Pigeons are sneaky bastards. I’ve said it from the start. I haven’t for a long time – especially not since I woke up to one of these feathered freaks sitting on the floor of my student accommodation bedroom floor. Right next to my bed.

What happened next will haunt me for the rest of my days. And watching one of them fly around an airplane cabin is giving me some seriously traumatic flashbacks.

That’s right, these bloody birds decided to hitch a ride on a plane.

An Ahmedabad-Jaipur flight in India was set for take-off when a passenger opened an overhead storage bin to find two stow-aways. In video footage that has since gone viral, one of the pigeons is seen flying up and down the aisle as crew members and passengers duck to avoid it.

UGH no. The sound of the wings haunts me.

I’m not a celebrity, but get me the heck out of there.

Do you see that man so casually reach up to try and grab it?! NOPE.

How were the flight crew so damn calm? Truly, amazing.

GoAir, the company that inadvertently owns the plane that was harboring the fugitives, has apologised for the incident. They “regret [the] inconvenience caused to passengers” and have made a request to airport authorities “to get rid of this menace”.

I agree, piss those pigeons right off.

So, thanks, birds for making an even more anxiety-filled experience even more stressful.

This latest pigeon-coup – that’s a right, a coup, it’s a hostile takeover (and a pun) – just affirms my distrust in these beady-eyed, bobby-headed, slappy-flappy-winged shitting shits.


Image Sources: Twitter (Dhanraj Nathwani).

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