This Two Year Old Boy May Get Deported Because He’s Sick

A literal toddler may face deportation because of his health issues. WTF.

A two year old boy born in WA is at risk for deportation, after the Australian government decided not to continue the toddler’s visa. This is an ongoing battle, as friends, family and even medical professionals beg the government to let him remain in country.

Kayban Jamshaad, the two year old at risk, suffers from serious health issues. He has haemophilia- a disorder that stops blood clotting. And he also endured a brain injury at birth prompting other critical health issues such as spastic quadriplegia, visual impairment, and a seizure disorder.

His rehabilitation physician wrote to the department claiming Jamshaad will likely endure “osteoporosis, with a high risk of pathological fractures, hip dislocation, malnutrition, respiratory failures and premature death,” if he’s deported. So, like this is life or death.

Despite this, the department found this circumstance not worthy of a health waiver. Meaning they still won’t renew his visa. How fucked is that? It’s 2019, we can’t be discriminating against people for their health. Especially, actual toddlers.

With his lengthy list of health concerns, baby Jamshaad requires round-the-clock care and weekly medication. Due to this, the government reckons his health issues are too expensive for him to stay in Australia.

One would think a baby who is experiencing such critical conditions would receive the upmost care and support willfully. But in Australia, he’s considered a financial burden by the government. So, they’re literally putting a price tag on a child’s life, which is sickening.

The Australia government has given the okay for his family to stay in the country. The Jamshaad family currently lives in Bunbury, WA after moving to Australia six years ago from Maldives.


Reportedly, Jamshaad isn’t even on Medicare. He receives private patient fees, so the family has been paying heaps of money for his medical expenses out of pocket for years. So, the government claiming he’s too expensive is some shit.

“He doesn’t have a Medicare card, he can’t access any public health services, so he is what you could call a private fee-paying patient in the public health sector,” Kayban Jamshaad’s mother Aishath Shizleen shared with 9News.

“We’re talking about accessing or not accessing care, and that could lead to the death of my little boy,” Ms Shizleen said.

There’s still room to take action if you find this situation to be completely absurd (which you should). There’s a petition you can sign, you can write to The Minister of Immigration David Coleman, and you can donate to Kayban’s GoFundMe page.

If you’re around Sydney, you can attend a protest in Anzac Park to keep baby Kayban in Australia. The protest will take place Saturday 10 August at 12pm, so mark your calenders mates.

This is absolutely life or death. It’s a mother losing her child. And seriously, discriminatory acts against disabled individuals needs to stop.

Image source:, Save Kayban Facebook Page

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