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All The Types Of People You’ll Meet At The Bar

Bars are wonderful places to spend time, especially with the hilarity that ensues from all the people you meet. Everyone has their own stories from their nights at the bar that they remember. And of course these stories and memories come from certain people who were memorable in their own ways. Here are some of the people you’ll probably meet at the bar.

The Drunk Mum

She’s keen to get loosey goosey with her gal pals because she deserves a break from raising her hellish teenage children. You’ll watch her drink her (Grey Goose) vodka tonic. She gradually loosens the grip on, the more she progresses through it. Bon Jovi’s Wanted Dead Or Alive comes on over the speakers and the gaggle of women will reminisce about their glory days.

The Pusher

This person will make it their mission to ensure you can’t function tomorrow, even though it’s a Tuesday night and you have work tomorrow. They’ll go straight for the shots even though it was meant to be casual. The next thing you know is they’re smashed as anything and are pushing their mates (who are also blotto) into a round of karaoke. By this stage you’ve realised that they’re probably in advertising and therefore, live their life like they’re in some sort of alternate reality when it comes to occasions in which it’s appropriate to drink.

The Random Crier

Who knows why they’re upset, but alas, they’re sitting there with their pals having a sook. Their friends are trying to console them because the entire ordeal is uncomfortable, however you’re having a laugh and thanking your lucky stars that it’s not you that’s crying. It’s later discovered that they’re just really munted, and they just so happened to accidentally drop one of their tacos. Suddenly them crying doesn’t seem to out of the ordinary.

The One Who Never Leaves

This guy is the regular dude you’ll see whenever you’re at the bar. Does he even leave? He seems to be in the same seat each time, if that’s even possible. You make up a story about the mysterious character, so their name in your head is now Joe. Their usual scotch on the rocks is in their hand and they sip on it slowly. You catch their glance and you realise that they pass the time by people watching. The judgement in their eyes is real, but you live for the subtle sass.

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The Corner Dancer

The bar doesn’t have a specific dancefloor but that doesn’t stop this champion. These people go for gold around their table in the corner. They’re not the best at dancing, but they couldn’t really care less about your uptight perception on them or sadly ridged way of life. Come On Eileen gets put on, because why the hell not? And the corner dancer is joined by half the bar (including the drunk mum.)

The Hoverer

These people hover over you at the bar because you tickle their fancy, but they don’t know how to express that without looking creepy. You go back to the table and there they are, off to the side and awkwardly hovering. They down their drink and eventually make their way over to you and the gang, trying to make conversation. Like some weird animal style imprint, they’re yours to take care of now, they won’t leave your side.

The PDA-ers

They’re against the pool table, macking on, and you wonder how one of them hasn’t suffocated by now. It’s like they forget that anyone else is in the room because suddenly the girl is on her back and the guy is following suit. It’s a literal nightmare because all you want to do is look away, but you’re caught up in the drama now, and want to know how it ends.

There’s probably a good chance you’ve met (or maybe even are..) one of these types during a cheeky night on the town. Maybe you’re a bartender who has encountered every damn person on this list. Either way, if you are looking for some extra ca$h to fund these nights out, the lovely folks at BENCHMARQUE are here to help ‘ya out. Simply fill out the form below or click here to start landing bar and hospitality jobs to fund all your weekend mischief! Because earning $150 in a night is probs better than spending $200.

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Image source: The Soda Factory

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