Uber Finally Has A Quiet Mode So You Can Stare At The Window In Peace

No more awkward small talk!

Guess who’s Uber rating is about to go from 4.95 stars (yes it’s on my resume) to freaking 5 STARS BISH, because I no longer have small talk as my one hurdle to Uber domination.

That’s right, you heard me – no more small talk, because Uber has just announced a quiet mode for Uber Comfort where you can request to ride in silence. It says in the description that this way, if you need to take a business call or want to work in the car, you can do so in peace – because quiet mode also includes music and radio.

But let’s be real, most of us don’t care about productivity – we’re going to use this to zone the fuck out while we stare moodily out the window and try to stay awake.

The update is part of a bunch of new Rider Preferences to people who ride in Uber Comfort (sorry for any UberX rider’s I just hyped up).

People riding in Uber Comfort can now choose the cars temperature (hot, warm, cool, cold), have a quiet car ride, and even have extended wait times for up to 10 minutes if they’re running late.

These benefits come on top of the usual experienced drivers and nicer cars that come with Uber Comfort.

TBH, if you’re a pleb like me and haven’t ever used Uber Comfort, this is def a great incentive. Anything for those 5 stars.

Image Sources: Twitter, NBC