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Uber Might Roll Out A Monthly Fee And All Ya Uber Eats/Rides Will Be A Whole Heck Cheaper

Big yes.

There’s something about that second glass of house wine that deeply effects my ability to budget properly. It’s not me, it’s the cab sav, really. When Sunday night rolls around, my sense of denial is at an all time high. I’m fully aware that I’ve been ridiculously frugal with my Uber rides over the weekend. I maybe even slapped down $30 for a woeful pad thai at 3:30am in the morning…maybe.


So, if like me, you’re living way beyond your means and ordering Uber rides for a 5 minute walk, this is the news you need. Uber are trialling a monthly subscription service that would price fix all Uber services, including ride-hailing and Eats, for a $24.99 fee. The sign-up feature has already been rolled out in a few US cities, but the expansion would see cheaper rates and free delivery for Uber Eats and bike/scooter rentals (also not yet introduced down under).

The once per month subscription fee doesn’t entirely mean unlimited rides and eats – cry. Instead, the all-in-one pass means customers get a price protection or fixed discount on every Uber ride, and they’ll also cop free delivery on Uber Eats. It’s like Netflix, but for Uber.

For those a little more cash strapped, aka me from Monday to Friday, Uber are also trialling a cheaper pass in some US cities which would see rides and Eats discounts on orders over a certain amount.

For the cities that Uber has rolled out monthly sign ups, it’s estimated that subscriptions save customers up to 15 percent off monthly ride costs. Although as Uber continues to lose profits, the monthly subscriptions are thought to be their desperate attempt to keep the app afloat. Obviously a monthly fee will lock-in customers to using the app, simultaneously locking in monthly revenue streams for Uber. Sneaky…

The Ride Pass and Uber Eats subscription feature is currently being rolled out in a hand few of US states, and it’s not known when (or if) it’ll be brought down under. We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, stop using Uber for a 10 minute walk.

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