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The Ultimate Date Night Destinations Around Sydney

The cooler weather is already approaching, with its chilly wind and coats that make you look like an overstuffed marshmallow. With the ever-changing weather comes the lack of incentive to go outside and take your date somewhere that’s not your couch. Alas, there are ways around secluding yourselves from society and having a 12-hour binge-watch of The Good Place. Turns out there are cosy nooks by the dozen to have yourselves a date night in. And better yet, all these little escapes are within walking distance along the Kensington Street precinct (just fyi.)

Gin Lane

Gin Lane is an ideal place to take your date for pre-dinner drinks, because who doesn’t love a good cocktail? This is the place you go for a comfy sit after a long day at work or a well-earned break over the weekend. They serve a cocktail/ milkshake concoction that you didn’t even know you needed in your life. So, if you ever wondered what heaven tasted like, now you have the chance to find out. If you’re wanting something a little fruitier, they’ll make you a blueberry gin drink that’ll knock your socks off. And you can trick yourself into thinking you’re being healthy (perks.)

The Old Rum Store

If your cravings are constantly changing, The Old Rum Store might be more your vibe. They offer a variety of different foods from the multiple restaurants in the Store. From French to Chinese to Sicilian, good luck choosing which one you actually want. There’s almost too much selection.. so por que no los dos? Just hop from one to another and make a night out of it.


If you and your date are known to froth over exquisite food, then book a table and go at it. Mekong specialises in Asian cuisine with a variety of dishes that’ll leave you stuffed and satisfied. You have to restrain yourself from picking up the plate and licking it clean, like a savage. They’re not stingy on their portion sizes (hoorah) and they give you an indication of how hot their meals are, so you won’t have to chug a glass of milk after every bite.

Spice Alley

Much like The Old Rum Store, Spice Alley has a selection of cuisines that are back to back in each designated restaurant (convenient, huh?) The venue is a legitimate alley (obvs) that’s showered with warm light and a great atmosphere. Thai street food (drooling) is yours for the taking, along with Cantonese, Malaysian and Vietnamese (there’s more where that came from.) So, rug up and take your boo for a cosy food fest.


Of course, the date night must come to an end at some point, but not before you have a killer dessert. The desserts are like works of art, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be filling your Instagram with pictures of the prettiness.

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