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The Ultimate Struggles Of Dating In Your Twenties

“They haven’t replied yet, and it’s already been 15 minutes!!”

Your twenties easily have to be some of the most challenging and formative years of your life. You make the transition from tragic, moody teenager to adult (ha, sure). Head off to uni, start working, and fall in and out of love. One of the most challenging parts, dating. With the online dating world booming, the amount of singles dwindling as you approach thirty, there are an abundance of struggles we can all relate to.

Decoding Texts

Ah yes, the way most dating sagas start, the continuous texting. You have progressed your conversation from the Tinder app to iMessage and you’ve managed to lock down the first date. But once that date’s over, how do you navigate the next phase? How long do you wait to send a text asking about date number two? Do you use emojis? And the worst part is interpreting the texts of the other person. It will forever be an impossible saga to solve. Not to mention being tagged in posts on Facebook. What does this mean?? Do I tag them in something in return? Do I like their comment? Love react?

Creating The Perfect Online Profile

Do you use selfies? Do you include a photo with a person of the opposite sex? To include the Snapchat name or not? Creating the perfect online profile to reel in those potential dates is never easy. You want to come across as cool, confident and put together, but are also trying to avoid looking cocky. The safest bet…just post a photo of yourself with a puppy. That generally works wonders. Check out our top tips here.

Trying Not To Meet People On Tinder

You’re reaching the end of your twenties and realise that the only new people you date come from a dating site or app. Finding a potential lover offline may now be one of the hardest things to do. Head to a club, you’ll be confronted with bounds of people probably looking for a one nightstand. The alternative? The notorious set up with a friend of a friend. From past experience, those ones don’t often end too well.

Chill The F*ck Out

No, I’m not talking about Netflix & chill here lovers. This is by far the hardest part of twenties-dating, cause often chill and dating don’t mix too well. You wanna avoid coming across as desperate to your potential suitor, but when you can visualise yourself as single person in there 40’s with heaps of cats, the desperation can crawl in. Just remember the cliché, be yourself. Love will find you, and the beginnings of dating should just be about having fun.

Casual Sex Versus Relationships

Dating is such a multi meaning term. It can mean the period leading up to a full time relationship, yet it can also mean the period where you meet and hang out with as many people as you desire just for the hell of it. It’s important to work out when you start dating someone, as to whether it will lead to a relationship or to casual sex. Whatever the outcome you desire, just be clear with the person you’re dating. Cause the worst bit is when you think you’re headed for the boyfriend/girlfriend titles, when you’re really not.

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