Um, Dean Wells Is Fueding With Abbie Chatfield After Comparing Clem Ford To The KKK?

Soz, didn’t realise feminism is the same as WHITE SUPREMACY.

Wells, wells, wells.

Looks like Dean Wells is making a public idiot of himself yet again, but this time on Abbie Chatfield’s Instagram.

For those of you who don’t know Dean Wells (I didn’t know who he was before now TBH), he’s infamous for cheating on his TV wife on MAFS. People were furious about it, and he became an Aussie villain in the eyes of pretty much every reality TV watcher in Australia. Then he got on Dancing With The Stars, and was the first person booted off. Oof.

Now it seems he’s keen for more time on our radar because he’s started an Instagram feud with Abbie Chatfield, runner-up from the last season of The Bachelor.

Abbie Chatfield has made quite a name for herself since she was villainised on Bachie, using her platform to talk about the toxicity of reality TV, sexism and misogyny in Australia, mental health, sex positivity and body image. Plus she has a podcast and an advice column.

Basically, Abbie has become a total feminist icon among Aussie celebs, and she’s got a cult following because of it. You can read more about Abbie in our interview with her here. 

Anyway, BACK TO THE TEA. Dean has started some shit on Instagram with Abbie for no discernible/rational reason, and it all started with a comment on Instagram…

Dean Wells Compared Clementine Ford’s Books To The KKK

Bet you weren’t expecting that, were ya?

Abbie Chatfield recently had Aussie feminist writer Clementine Ford on her podcast, and she regularly brings up Clem Ford whenever she’s talking about feminist because, well, obviously.

Anyway, Dean Wells decided to jump onto Abbie’s Instagram and left this comment, which Abbie posted on her story, and then re-posted to clarify that it was specifically about Clem Ford (rather than all feminists).

You’d think being publicly called out for comparing feminism to white supremacy and the oppression/murder of POC would be enough to shut you up, but nope.

He then went on to post screenshots of conversations with Abbie on his story, where he cropped out half her responses to make it look like she was laughing at tweets from Clementine Ford advocating to “kill all men”. In reality, Clem was satirising what her haters were saying.

Yeah, this is a fucking mess.

Abbie posted the full screenshots to her story to prove that Dean was cropping things out, and for some reason Dean claimed that context is “irrelevant”?

Pretty sure context is the MOST RELEVANT THING EVER, but ok.

dean wells Instagram conversation

And Then, Jamie Doran Inserted Himself Into The Beef

Anyway, then for some reason the stage-5 clinger from Angie Kent’s Bachie season, Jamie Doran, stepped in and accused Abbie of trolling him because she posted a reaction GIF in a private Facebook group?

Look, at this point I have no idea what these boys are going on about.

Now Clem herself has acknowledged the drama by saying in her Instagram stories (while hosting a cooking class!) that Dean is often in her DMs. She ended this whole thing by joking “Dean babe, you’ve got to get over me. It’s never going to happen.”

Look, I don’t know what Dean is getting out of this except more haters in his inbox, but Abbie is doing an episode on her podcast about men who behave badly in the media – so props to her for turning garbage drama into quality content, bless.

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