Um, So…. Johnny Depp Is Producing A Musical Starring Michael Jackson’s Glove As An Alien From Outer Space

Yeah… You read that correctly.

Michael Jackson has been the subject of a few different projects lately. Obviously HBO’s Leaving Neverland documentary aired this year, which was, well, hard to watch. Bohemian Rhapsody director, Graham King is reportedly making an MJ biopic, and a musical about The King Of Pop is reportedly heading to broadway next year. So of course, Johnny Depp has decided to jump on the bandwagon, with the weirdest freaking production I have ever heard of.

Depp is reportedly recreating a show from playwright Julien Nitzberg, in the perspective of Michael Jackson’s iconic sequin glove…. And, um, it gets better (or worse)… In the musical, the glove is a blood thirsty alien from outer space that feeds on young virgin boy blood. WTF!?

WTF Is This Thing About?

So the musical is titled For the Love of Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, as Told by His Glove. You can’t even say that title in one breath! But the actual story line is even more ridiculous than the name…

Apparently, the show will “look into the strange forces that shaped Michael and the scandals that bedeviled his reputation.” Which includes his famous, sparkly glove that preys on the blood of virgin boys.

“I’m known for writing a lot of biopics. A major TV network wanted me to write a [Jackson] movie … but the question came up [about] how to deal with the child abuse allegations,” Nitzberg told Page Six.

“I said, how’s this? Everything MJ has been accused of has actually been caused by his glove, which is actually an alien from outer space [and] feeds on virgin boy blood. They laughed and said, can you do the normal version?”

When the biopic idea fell through, Nitzberg turned to the stage to bring his freaking WEIRD concept to life. And who better to partner up with than weird personified; Johnny Depp.

The Show Tackles Some Controversial Topics

I will leave it to the people of Twitter to share with you the themes featured in the musical.

Controversial would be an understatement here… When I first saw the picture of Michael Jackson’s glove with it’s cute little face, I thought this was gonna be a wholesome, family friendly show. But, I agree, this musical does sound gross, explicit and something that did not need to be made. Not a fan.

The play’s real life actors, will act alongside life-size puppets. The puppets will be representing the glove, The Jackson 5, Donny Osmond, Emmanuel Lewis, Corey Feldman, and even Bubbles the Chimp…

If this kinda thing floats your boat, you can catch the production from January 25th in Los Angeles.

Read more about MJ here. 

Image Sources: Twitter (@WarveyHeinstein), (@ShineOnMichael) GIPHY

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