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Underrated: Shows On Your Streaming Service That You’d Never Watch But Are Amazing

For some reason or other, we always seem to find ourselves watching the same thing on repeat. Maybe it’s our want to know how things turn out. Or maybe it’s just because we’re not sure we want that type of new commitment. If you’re keen to break the TV cycle you’ve landed yourself in, here’s where to start.

Grand Hotel

When scrolling through Netflix’s vast range of movies and TV shows, you may have come across Grand Hotel. If you haven’t been brave enough to press on it just yet, you need to, or you’ll definitely regret it. Set in 1905, this compelling Spanish show features romance, thriller, mystery and comedy genres all in one. It’s also really fast-paced and doesn’t drag on, which is an added bonus. If you haven’t watched a show in another language before – specifically Spanish – you’ll find reading the subtitles a fun, new experience and will most likely become hooked to watching foreign shows.

Hart Of Dixie 

We all love and know of Rachel Bilson. However, it seems as though her time on television has been limited, and her stardom underrated. Stumbling upon this show, shows off how talented she is. The show itself is set in Alabama when Zoe (Rachel Bilson) a doctor from New York finds herself in the small town where she learns about herself as a person and as a doctor. There’s also a love triangle, as there always is (and we love it!)

Romper Stomper 

Usually when we watch shows it’s, in a way, a means to forget reality and slip into a fictionalised life. The beauty of Romper Stomper is that it touches base with many relevant and relatable issues that are happening in today’s society. It’s so relatable that you become so invested in the show, while also giving you a break from reality. This political drama – exclusive to Stan – is SO addictive and is a must-add to your watch list.


If you’re not familiar with the prime-time, classic soap, Dynasty is an updated reboot which has been created to relate to today’s society. For all of you Gossip Girl fans, some have stated that this is the next best thing. As the Carringtons and the Colby’s feud their way over fortune and families, you’ll be warped into a time zone that centers around those with beauty and wealth.


So this Stan streaming show is starting to up on the popularity thanks to the starring of true Disney Princess, Hilary Duff. Following the life of Liza Miller, a 40 something woman pretending to be 27 year old in order to reboot her career in publishing, you know there’s bound to be drama galore each episode. Old mate Darren Star does not disappoint, with each episode featuring a relatable story line connecting the show to the real issues of the world. Plus plenty of eye candy (talking about you Nico Tortorella).

Image source: Warner Bros. Television, CBS Television Studios, TV Land

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