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Unique Ways To Experience Thailand

Go beyond the cheap street food.

With the cooler seasons speeding towards us, it’s only natural that the frostiness is the last place we want to be. With South East Asia being a hop, skip and a jump away from our large island home, it’s pretty easy to understand why it’s usually the first place we think of escaping too. Thailand is certainly no stranger to those who crave sun and sand, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to the home of cheap street food and alcohol buckets. If you’re keen to make it a fab experience beyond the cliche routes, we’ve got some tips that’ll help ‘ya get the most out of your cheeky trip.

#1 The Roads Less Travelled (Literally)

If serenity and a view to remember is up your alley, you could step off the beaten track and take a hike. Northern Thailand is a one stop shop for leafy surroundings and mist-covered mountains. This alternate route to travelling Thailand will envelope you in Mother Nature’s tranquillity and abundant beauty. From the lime stone peak of Doi Pha Phueng (with panoramic views, I might add), to cherry blossom covered Phu Thap Boek, you won’t be spoiled for options.

#2 Work And Play

As Australians, we gravitate towards that work and play lifestyle (and we’re pretty damn good at it, too.) So what’s better than putting in the work and being rewarded with fun? Well, the work and play idea in a different country seems to be leaps and bounds more appealing. You can, in fact, leave that stark office and cold uni hall and swap it for warmth temps and sun (praise be.)

Camp Thailand have managed to mix together all those goodies with a lovely dash of philanthropy. You’ll be able to surround yourself with tiny smiling faces for three weeks and teach English in local Thai schools. If imparting your knowledge onto the next generation wasn’t enough to excite you, you’ll also get to spend a week volunteering your time in an elephant sanctuary. Yes, seriously, just breathe people. Accompany that golden tan with a nifty resume addition, and a bunch of parties to end your experience with a bang. Island hopping, helping local communities and full moon parties, anyone?

#3 Soak Up All Of The Culture

No holiday would be complete without feasting on unique cultures with your very own eyeballs. And while some people venture out of the big cities for a dash of non-touristy sights, Thailand has an abundance of festivals for many occasions. The Loy Krathong Festival is a scenic masterpiece, with the river, skies and streets filled with lanterns. Think Tangled, without the spontaneous Disney duet. The Songkran Festival is where you’ll find water fights at every corner (nah seriously, get your water guns ready), street parties for dayssss and colour-themed events for an entire week.

#4 Max Water Views

To see the Thai beauty in all its glory, you can take to the water for an alternate point of view. Sailing tours are something that’ll get your friends on social media drooling, and you can drift through the Andaman Sea while spread out on the bow. Hiring catamarans with beds and hammocks for all lazing purposes is well within your budget, and your hands will be grasping that lush life. If you want to venture further, there are sailing tours from Phuket to Ko Phi Phi. Here you’ll become well versed in the notion of complete relaxation, with your meals, accommodation and transport all being done for you. As long as you’re not one for sea sickness, you can spend hours (even days) in these dream-worthy water environments.

#5 Push That Comfort Zone

Want to take a crack at living on the wild side of life? Thailand has a plethora of activities that’ll get the adrenalin vibing. Climb and conquer the limestone cliffs of Krabi, for example. Here, the noteworthy ocean views will be the cherry on top of the cake (or in this case, mountain.) Harness your inner Tarzan and use the Chiang Mai Rainforest as your very own adult playground. You can climb all of the platforms and zip line through the trees. Many of the market places will be able to provide you with an alternative culinary challenge, so make sure you try one (or many) of the delicacies on offer. Yeah, I’ll take two of the scorpions, thanks.

Keen to experience Thailand, but go beyond the basic tourist selfies in Bangkok? Well our mates at Camp Thailand have got ‘ya sorted, mates. You’ll get the whole experience, from sipping coconuts on beaches, to helping at local schools, to literally living with elephants. There is plenty of the regular partying included and you’ll feel a lot better for it after helping out so much. Oh and did we mention they take care of all your accommodation? Yep, it’s a winner. Sign up for the program here, or fill out the form below to get some cheeky info on what the program is all about! 

Image source: Camp Thailand

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