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US Teen Just Won A Red Hot $4.3 Million For Winning Fortnite World Cup, So Quit Your Career

What have you done with your life so far?

Look friends, there are some things that a certain in life. Death, taxes, silly Barnaby Joyce comments et al. But this new development is certainly not one of those developments. Over the weekend, US teen Kyle Giersdorf (known as ‘Bugha’) won the solo version of the lucrative Fortnite World Cup tournament, pocketing a pretty handy AUD$4.3 million in prize money all for himself.

To give you some context, that’s nearly 8x ScoMo’s PM salary, more than Novak Djokovic or Simona Halep won for taking out Wimbledon this year, and roughly the same amount as the ENTIRE U.S. National Womens Football team took home for winning the FIFA World Cup recently.

Yeah, maybe dropout of that degree or quite your day job hey.

It’s a massive win for the youngster, in an industry which is becoming super lucrative. With esports and gaming continuing to bloom as a legitimate career choice, it’s believed there are currently over 200 million Fortnite gamers worldwide at the moment.

And if you fancy yourself at Fortnite, or gaming in general boy have we got news for you. The developer’s behind this event, Epic, are set to launch a global Fortnite Championship Series, with millions of dollars again up for grabs. More details are still coming on that one, but it’s believed to coincide with the launch of season ten of Fortnite in the coming weeks.

Either way, being a whiz with numbers, or a Shakespeare with words looks like it may not be the most money-friendly career in the future. And it’s probably only going to be a matter of time until esports gamers are right up there with legitimate athletes in terms of salaries, seasons and sponsorships. So ditch the textbooks and go buy a PS4 / Razer Laptop asap.

Image Source: Twitter @JanaSevaNews 

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