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Valentines Day Experiences For Every Relationship Stage

What are we? If Valentine’s Day has brought up a question or two about your stage, fear not we have the gift for every relationship. For the honeymooners, the newly together, the side thing and the partner of many years. For the together but not, for the Tinder fling or your longtime crush. Navigating the web of fancy dinners and kitschy options is no easy feat. Here’s what to do with your special someone come Feb 14th.

For The Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Short of pelting your partner’s windows with pebbles or professing your love with a personalised mixtape, love just ain’t what it used to be. Get out of your relationship rut and spice it up, taking cupid’s day as an excuse, here’s how to make your partner feel loved. If you’re planning to keep it up long term, why not book a spontaneous trip. With Scoot you can fly to a range of destinations in Asia or even Athens for dirt cheap. Um $400, seriously. It’s the perfect excuse to whisk away and an epic experience to share together.

For The Married

Don’t let that wedding band hold you back from having a lavish celebration. Push your PJ’s and routine to one side, in favour of a more lively affair. Make a little extra effort for this one evening and make your partner feel especially loved. Why not hop aboard the tour de wine that is Hot Dub Wine Machine? Travelling the country is this wondrous fusion of dance and grapes come Autumn. Get a room at a lush winery nearby and you can roam the vineyards post festival. Romantic and fun.

For The Newly Together

Love is in the air? For you two at least it still is. You’re still infatuated with each other and ferociously attracted to each other, making Valentine’s Day, a more indulgent experience. Make an impression and set the bar high for future romantic endeavours with personalised wares. Show how much you care with individually designer shoes for the lady in your life or hand etched barware for your gentleman. Shoes of Prey lets you craft every single detail of your shoes to build your dream pair from the sole up.

For The Tinder Fling

Swiped your way into company for the most romantic day of the year? What better way to people watch other couples with you new partner in crime. Keeping it casual on Valentine’s Day isn’t easy but it can be done. Why not switch up your usual date fodder of awkward chat and head to the court. Pick up a new sport or take a lesson in a whole new activity, that way you have something to distract you if the date is shitty. Way more fun and way less pressure. Badminton, rock climbing, indoor skiing, trampolining, squash, tennis, the ball’s in your court.

For The Not Technically Together

Ah yes, the label-less life. An interim period of casual and exclusive at the same time. If you’re relationship requires air quotes to describe then we’ve got the solution for you. Keep things low key and keep your expectations low. In an ideal world make other plans but look we know deep down you still probably want to see them for a bit. Forgo the usual roses and teddy bears and look to humour to lighten the mood, but you’re not obligated to see each other. Netflix and chill with takeout is totally acceptable.

For The Single

If you’re riding into this Valentine’s Day solo, fear not. There are plenty of activities that won’t be overrun by loved up couples. Step one, avoid the places listed above. Sorry. Whatever you do, don’t head out on a first date. The surrounding couples and celebrations will have you feeling to nauseous to finish your meal. Guaranteed. Gather a group of mates and head speed dating, because why not?!

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