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Vans Is Releasing Harry Potter Merch And It’s Not Just Gryffindor Stuff

Vans just revealed a Harry Potter collab and it’s downright magical – not just because it’s Harry Potter, but because it covers all four houses!



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Most Harry Potter fans know the woe of seeing Potter merch and getting super excited, only to never be able to find any if you aren’t from Gryffindor (not me, since that’s my house). Since that’s Harry’s house, it usually gets the most spotlight. Sometimes you’ll come across Slytherin merch, purely because it’s Voldy’s house, but the other two? Forget it.

It’s kinda unfair already that Gryffindor is always the hero, but Slytherin being potrayed outside of the books as straight up evil is even worse. Hufflepuff will occasionally come up as the cute one, and Ravenclaw who? Brands tend to forget they exist. I think we can collectively agree that’s one of the (many) biased things we can thank J.K for.

However, Vans’ upcoming collection of Harry Potter kicks covers all four houses, plus potentially extra Harry Potter themed shoes. Each House has its own pair, with matching house colours and different styles.


These are a red and gold striped SK8-Hi, with black suede on the top and the Gryffindor crest on the side.

The Gryffindor shoes are loud and bold, and I can totally see the connection between them and the house. They’re a statement piece for sure.


Slytherin gets a Vans Era, in green and black snake skin. There isn’t a sigil visible in the image, but maybe it’s just the angle?

The Slytherin shoes are subtle and classy, with muted tones but an edgy snake skin pattern – yeah, seems pretty Slytherin to me.


These are black Classic Slip-Ons with a yellow interior and a Hufflepuff crest on the front of the shoe.

I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed with these though. They’re kinda boring and plain, which isn’t fair considering how intense the Gryffindor ones are. I do love the crest on the front though!


Ravenclaw gets blue and grey checked Authentics with bronze eyelets and blue laces. No crest visible on this one either, and it’s also a little basic. I guess Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff still get handed the short straw – but hey, at least they’re represented for once!

There’s also other HP sneakers circulating on Twitter in the theme of the Marauders map, Death Eaters, the Daily Prophet and the Golden Snitch. However, they haven’t been confirmed by Vans yet.

Vans hasn’t shared the official release date yet, but you can sign up to their website to find out!

Image Source: Vans, Twitter @xohannah87

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