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VB Just Launched an Actual Clothing Line, As If They Haven’t Done Enough For This Country

Ah, Victoria Bitter. The people’s beer. VB. Does anything scream ‘I’m an Australian’ more than someone holding the humble beer in a stubby, thongs on and watching sausages sizzle on a peaceful summer day. VB’s entire marketing strategy revolves around it being an proudly Aussie beer, and we tend to agree. It’s the no-frills, non-douchey, honest brewski that inevitably gets half the country with a good buzz come 5 o’clock every Friday.

VB continues to do God’s work, and recently have released an actually good clothing line. Wearing a VB shirt is probably equally, if not more, patriotic than wearing a literal Australian flag over your shoulders. VB’s collection, aptly named ‘Big Cold Gear’ (hehe) is, actually, surprisingly good. The website announces “A hard earned thirst needs big cold gear, and the best cold gear is here”. We couldn’t agree more.

In this very exclusive first drop of merchandise, we have crewnecks, t-shirts, beanies, caps, posters, buttons, and, of course, stubby coolers. Stock is limited, so make sure to snap up this frothy new merch as soon as possible. You can browse the whole collection here.

Bottoms up!

Image Source: Victoria Bitter

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