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Victoria’s Secret Has Cancelled Their Annual Fashion Show And This Was A Missed Opportunity TBH

Tall and skinny ain’t the only version of beautiful.

The Angels are no more after VS’s parent company L Brands decided to can their annual fashion show. And it’s not like we didn’t see this coming – Shanina Shaik (VS model) pretty much let the cat out of the bag earlier this year that it wouldn’t be going ahead. Today the big bosses came out saying it was true.

You might be wondering what the big deal is – the show’s views have dropped a tonne in the past few years. The company has also been in trouble for saying some really awful things about plus size and transgender models. I’m not sure who was still watching it tbh. But it’s no wonder they’ve lost popularity when the fashion show celebrated one very particular ideal of female beauty. In today’s day and age, no one wants that anymore.

The CEO of L Brands, Les Wexner, said they’re thinking of new ways to engage with their customers, looking to rework ‘literally everything’. I hope he’s using literally correctly there, because the company just seems to be missing the point as to why no one tunes in anymore.

Why The Heck Can’t They Get With The Times?

After running for almost 25 years, you’d think a lingerie brand would be proactive in evolving their marketing to stay with the times. But every year all we got was very tall and thin ladies wearing those angel wings. The decision to cancel the fashion show outright instead of changing it up seems like a pretty defiant stance on maintaining these archaic standards of beauty.

Women are sick to death of being told that being beautiful means being thin, tanned, long hair, long lashes… the list could go on forever. This ideal figure was really dominant in the noughties, but we’ve moved past that. Other companies along with society in general have opened their minds to a more diverse concept of feminine beauty, with inclusion of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages, etc. But not VS apparently.

The VS fashion show is a huge spectacle and they often get major pop stars to perform. It is quite a dazzling affair with all the decor and extravagant lingerie pieces. So it’s a shame the company has this singular idea of beauty so deeply entrenched in everything they do. It’s really only a celebration for a select few. There was so much potential to diversify their Angels, to make their marketing more inclusive and to cater to every shape and size.

Unless they get with the program, I won’t be surprised if we never see the VS fashion show on our screens again.

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