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YEET: Legendary Social Media App Vine to Return in 2019

Vine’s tragically short lifespan was a great loss to our generation. The social media site, comprising of recording and playing looping 6 second videos, was cut short in its prime in 2016. There were plenty of naysayers when the app launched. How much could you possibly be able to fit in 6 seconds? It turns out, quite a bit. The smorgasbord of hilarious and ridiculous content has since been compiled into Youtube compilations, reminding us of what a god damn great thing we had going. I can, in case anyone was wondering, recite almost all of these from memory.

Though it didn’t get the long, rich run it deserved, not all hope is lost. Dom Hofmann, creator of the app, tweeted today that a new video looping app, ‘byte’ should be launching Spring 2019.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more excited. As long as the app sticks to the tried-and-true success of 6 second looping videos, it can’t be go too astray. Only time will tell if byte will, suddenly and shockingly, get the chop just as its starting to find its legs. Until then, I would like everyone to feast their eyes on my favourite vine of all time. Enjoy.


Image Source: Vine

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