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Vitaminwater Will Pay You $100,000 If You Ditch Your Smartphone For A Whole Year

Struggling for a bit of cash? Well, if you can put down your beloved phone for an entire 365 days, then Vitaminwater will give you $100,000. Simple as that. A deposit for a house? A new unnecessary flashy car? 62,000 chicken nuggets from Maccas? The world is your oyster, my friends.

Jokes aside, we are undoubtedly addicted to our phones. And don’t even try to admit that you aren’t. Vitaminwater are willing to bet a pretty heavy price on the fact that no one can go without their little brick for a year. A pretty risky bet to place, knowing what some people would do for $100,000.

So to the important stuff. Here’s how the competition is going to go down.

First things first, you need to apply on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest, telling Vitaminwater why you need a break from your smartphone and what you’d do with your free time. Get those applications in quick though, you’ve only got until January 8 2019 to enter.

Vitaminwater will subsequently pick one entry by January 22. If you’re the lucky chosen one, they’ll hit you up on social media to begin your quest.

And what a quest it’ll be. You’ll be presented with a 1996-era cellular telephone along with a phone plan to use for one year. You’ll have to sign a contract committing to no smartphone usage for the duration of the contest. And no cheating, ’cause if they find out, that money ain’t going anyone near your account. According to a few sources, you’ll be put through a lie detector test. So there’s definitely no room to slip up.

There are a couple of perks though. If you make it 6 months, you’ll still get a hefty $10,000 and better yet, you’ll still be allowed to use your laptop. Phew.

Jump onto the Vitaminwater website to see all the deets.

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