Vox Pop – Charlotte Bailey

Every week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current happenings from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. There will be no side-stepping here.

Name: Charlotte Bailey

Age: 24

Occupation: Student/Barista

A new report suggests that single Australians will never be able to afford a house on a single income, unobtainable goal for most Aussies or sad sign of the times?

Who knows? Maybe it really is the smashed avocado – although whoever this Bernard Salt guy is watching spend $22 for smashed avo on toast multiple times a week probably needs to re-evaluate their shit with or without the want of house.

Kristy took home the sole Survivor prize of $500,000 this week over crowd favourite Lee, absolute robbery or underdog hero?

I don’t watch Survivor, so I have no idea – but I just googled this ‘Kristie’ person, and with half a mill at the age of 24 she is GOING TO BE ABLE TO EAT SO MUCH SMASHED AVO. #lifegoals

Dreamworld has been labelled negligent by many after four adults died on a road that should have been closed for maintenance, close the park or thrill rides come with inherent risk?

So, I’m gonna go with… both? It should have been closed for maintenance so it never happened in the first place. If anything, the negligent dude in charge should get the boot.

A new beer company has launched with all proceeds going to save the Great Barrier Reef, great initiative with a tasty sip or diluted option for change?

People like beer. People pay attention to beer. What better way to get people to pay attention to saving the Great Barrier Reef than through their already firmly embedded attentiveness to beer!? Really doing anything at all is better than what most of the rest of the world is doing, so VIVA LA CERVEZA!

German dating show Adam sucht Eva launched this week, with contestants dropped onto a desert island naked in search of love. Recipe for an odd couple or reality TV gone mad?

I have heard absolutely nothing about this, but reality TV has definitely lost its shit.

A Sydney teen whose nightclub photo became a meme because of his insane mullet has sued the publishers, reasonable case for defamation or should he instead sue his hairdresser?

I think he can have his hair however he wants to have his hair, but if you want to have an “insane mullet” you should probably be prepared for the possibility of entering the meme-town of social media. On the other hand, if he got the mullet knowing this would happen then he may actually be f*cking brilliant… if he makes a cool half mill from this, I may just hit up my hairdresser.

Qantas has banned handlebar moustaches on their pilots, unfair manscaping or clean-cut future ahead?

Unfair man scaping – nobody ever got dumber or forgot how to do their job because of a handlebar moustache. How ridiculous. Let the men have their facial hair, I say!

Justin Timberlake broke the law this week after posting a snap at the polling booth, innocent mistake or potential to sway young voters?

Isn’t he a massive stickler for democracy/surely wasn’t stupid enough to share who he was voting for? He probably just wanted to inspire more young people to vote… in an election that they should definitely vote in to avoid us all being nuked before we get our Christmas presents.

Prosecco popsicles are hitting Aussie shores just in time for Summer, boozy summer days ahead or absolute fizzer? 

I AM SO EXCITED. Getting drunk off popsicle sticks made from cheap champagne is going to make my summer 400% more enjoyable. And yes, I realise Prosecco is not champagne – sure as hell tastes like it to me though! YAY CHEAP CHAMPAGNE POPSICLES!

5Why’s supporting your Do It in A Dress event at The Factory Theatre on November 3rd, why Do it in A Dress?

For most of my life, I have watched education set the stage for so many of my loved one’s successes, and it’s really f*cked up that there are human beings in the world who don’t get any opportunity to learn, develop a hobby, turn a hobby into a passion and turn that passion into a career just because of where they were born and the fact they were born a girl. It frustrates me that one of these girls could cure cancer or stop world hunger; another could revolutionise renewable energy solutions; or maybe one is the next David Bowie (R.I.P Legend). My point is, every human being has something unique and important to contribute to the planet and these girls have as much of a right to reach their full potential as anybody else.

While these communities are disproportionately affected by environmental disaster, resource shortages and poverty (to name a few), we continue to build bigger cities, develop ridiculous methods like ‘fracking’ and buy more and more “stuff”. The Scholarship Programs offered by One Girl put some power back into the hands of those affected the most by something that had little or nothing to do with their actions. If those with the power to make big change won’t pay attention, then I hope these girls turn heads and force them to.

Tickets are $15 and you can purchase yours here or on the door. See you there!

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