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Vox Pop – Dan Warist

Name: Danesh Ostowari

Age: 26

Occupation/title: Analyst

Mayweather v Pacquiao. Was the spectacle worth the monetary investment?

No. MMA has exposed the fact that the business model of boxing is becoming redundant.

Climate change. Abbott advisor Maurice Newman clamed it was a hoax drummed up by the UN. Do you believe in it?

Yes, the climate is changing, more slowly and less severely than many predicted, partly due to naturally occurring events and partly due to human actions.

Struggle Street. Did you think SBS made the right call in airing the documentary on Mount Druitt?

I love watching derros, but I don’t think taxpayers should be funding it – commercial networks can produce it if it’s worth watching.

Man buns. Seriously, yay or nay?

I’m alright with them.

Vegemite Cadbury. Stroke of genius or revolting? Will you be grabbing a block?

No need to tamper with the classics.

Logies. Is the Aussie-TV awards night still relevant?

Yes, although Americans are much better at making TV so it’s relevance is declining.

Nick Kyrgios. Brash young tennis ace or just young and developing?

Don’t mind a bit of attitude, keeps it interesting.

Reality TV. We’ve seen MKR, The Bloc, House Rules and Reno Rumble on TV over the past week or so. Why do we love reality TV so much?

Because it’s entertainment that doesn’t require you to turn on your brain.

Indonesia. Reports suggests Indonesia has brushed off Australia’s slashing of aid. Should we provide any aid to the country moving forward?

Only if it’s tied to favourable outcomes for us. We are now borrowing money to pay aid so it has to have a pay off.

Ed Sheeran. Musician sold out a second 2015 tour in December in one day this week, is he the most popular foreign solo musician in Australia at the moment?

Probably not, maybe Katy Perry.

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